DIY Beauty Projects from Los Angeles-based TV personality, Budget Travel and Lifestyle Expert: Lindsay Myers

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? But with this lockdown, we have had to figure it out ourselves! It’s always a great feeling to know that you can do it all if you have to! Here are some of Lindsay’s favorite DIY beauty projects:

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Natural Lip Scrub– I sometimes grab a pack of sugar and quickly exfoliate if I am in a time crunch. and need to apply some lipstick. But this is my new favorite natural way to get my lips super smooth!


1 TSP of Brown Sugar
1 TSP of White Sugar
1 TSP of Honey
1/2 TSP of Olive Oil

Directions: Just mix all the above in a small container. You can store and keep this for a while, but trust me after about 20 seconds your lips will feel amazing.


Bath Salts- I love a good bath, who doesn’t! This is really easy to make and a great way to unwind and get some self-care.


Coarse Salt

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda

Essential oil

Directions: Just take 6 part coarse sea salt and 3 part Epsom salt,1 part baking soda, and just a few drops of essential oil of your choice. That is it! This combo helps soothe the muscles, helps with skin irritation, and softens the skin.


Ombre Nail Manicure-I never go really big or bold with my manicure. But I have the time to figure out how to do it myself, why not!


2 different nail polish colors, and clear topcoat

Any sponge (you just need a bit, cut off a section from a larger sponge)

Plastic wrap


Directions: Paint your nails with the lightest color. Let it dry. On the plastic pour our a little of each color right beside each other so they touch. Take the toothpick and swirl/blend just in the area where the two colors meet. Next, take your sponge and dab it directly over this mixture and then dab the sponge directly on your nail. Keep going on all the nails. If you want to go back over the nails to make the color stronger just make sure the first coat is dry first. Finish with a clear topcoat.


Hair Mask– It is SO easy to make a simple hair mask with everyday things in our kitchen. Why don’t we do it more? Maybe now we will!

2 hair mask options:

  1. All hair types:




Directions: Simply scoop out half an avocado and mix it with a tbsp honey and apply it to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in the shower.

  1. Dry Hair Mask:



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions: Mix 2 eggs with 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and apply to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in shower.


Facial: I have grown to love my facials, but they are expensive and now we just can’t get them. Why not learn how to do it yourself?


Chamomile Tea


Nutritional Yeast

Directions: Brew one cup of the tea with 2 tea bags. Let cool. Stir together 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of nutritional yeast. Add just enough of the tea to the bowl to make a paste. You want to be able to spread it on your face, but not be watery. Let sit for 20 mins. This is calm and restores your skin.




This season, flu has been rampant causing mass illness across 49 of the 50 U.S. states. Hundreds of deaths have been attributed to flu so far and many say the flu season hasn’t even peaked.

Flu causes major symptoms, like fever, chills and body aches and extreme fatigue that has most sufferers in the bed for five to seven days. Flu often leaves the havoc it’s wreaked “written all over your face” with darkness under your eyes, pale skin and sometimes facial swelling. While the bounce back process from flu is often slow, celebrity esthetician, Thai Morrison, has created a flu recovery facial that can help clients as they return to work and other normal activities.

The facial aims to reduce the darkness and puffiness under the eyes and restore moisture to dehydrated skin. The facial can be done in-house by Morrison or the products for the at-home facial can be ordered from the spa. The facial consists of an oil wash for hydration, like the Flower Power Oil Wash by Kanvas Skin Care; a cleansing scrub to exfoliated the dead skin cells like Polished by Kanvas md; a healing water like Avené­­­­­­ Thermal Spring Water to calm and soothe the skin; a hydrating mask like Glow Mask by Kanvas Skin Care to reduce facial puffiness and moisturize the skin and an eye treatment, like Plump Gold eye pads by Kanvas md to diminish dark circles and undereye puffiness. Morrison, who Is widely known as the “healthy skin care expert” developed the flu recovery facial after contracting the flu herself and is on a mission to help others as they recover from the flu.

“I was down with the flu for almost a week and I wasn’t looking or feeling my best,” said Morrison. “I started treating my skin aggressively with the flu recovery facial I developed and was able to return to work with revived, glowing skin.”

About Thai Morrison:

Thai Morrison is the founder and co-owner of Koffee Day Spa, a full-service day spa and med spa located in Dallas, Texas and Kanvas and Kanvas md skincare lines. Koffee Day Spa is known for offering affordable luxury through its line of celebrity service offerings, including its customized celebrity facial and celebrity massage. Koffee Day Spa is located in Dallas, Texas, and has received numerous awards and accolades, including a 2017 “People Love Us” Award from Yelp, 2016 Top 10 Day Spas in Dallas by Dallas City Voter and 10 Best Day Spas in Dallas by USA Today. Kanvas Skin Care Line provides high-quality products for all skin types at an affordable price and Kanvas md is the medical grade line created to treat specific skin conditions. Kanvas and Kanvas md are esthetician formulated products. From oily-to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, to age spots and hyperpigmentation, Kanvas and Kanvas md have the products to treat it.


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