Birmingham Fashion Week 2016 | Event Recap

Birmingham Fashion Week debuted it’s 6th annual runway show on August 25 – 27, 2016 at The Boutwell Auditorium.  Guests in attendance for the event were tastemakers, designers, retailers, and media outlets.


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DSC_0115Style + Life + Fashion was present on Friday, August 26, 2016 serving as a media outlet for the production.  Guests were greeted by Tara Gray (TV Host and Producer) while welcoming participants to this fashionable event.


BENJAMIN JAY was the opening designer on August 26, 2016 along with RAILS, BRADFORD BILLINGSLEY and featured designer CHARLES ELLIS SARTORIAL.  

Runway retailers for the show included Gus Mayer and ALCHEMY 213.  In addition, 8 emerging designers and  30 rising design stars were present on this particular night.

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Birmingham Fashion Week 2016 was a great event for fashion enthusiasts. The production showcased genuine talent and artistic value of local Birmingham residents.

Featured designers displayed professional work and runway models exemplified the individual style of each collection.


Designs from High School Students

With vendor support, upbeat music, and unique designs, Birmingham Fashion Week will continue to be a runway show that’s anticipated (here) in The Magic City!

BIRMINGHAM FASHION WEEK 2016 | Madeline Stuart

Birmingham Fashion Week (BFW) welcomes Madeline Stuart, the first globally recognized model with Down syndrome to open the runway shows on Thursday, August 25 at Boutwell Auditorium. The 19-year-old model from Brisbane, Australia says “Down syndrome is a blessing, something to be celebrated,” and has made it her mission is redefine the true meaning of beauty.

Heidi Elnora, TLC’s “Bride by Design” star, Birmingham, AL based bridal designer and founder of Birmingham Fashion Week has created a custom skirt for Madeline to wear during her BFW runway debut. The couture, high-low skirt has been designed exclusively for Madeline using custom patterns with a light pink, duchess satin from Italy featuring a light pink ruffle lining detail.
“I am so honored to have the opportunity to design a custom piece for the inspiring and sweet Madeline,” states Heidi Elnora, founder of Birmingham Fashion Week. “She is a true pioneer in the fashion industry and we are overjoyed to show her the love and support the City of Birmingham has for her as she continues her career in the modeling industry.”

The fresh-faced, flame-haired beauty has previously modeled in New York Fashion Week twice and been featured in leading publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Paper, Women’s Day, Elle, Marie Claire, and People, to name a few. Madeline possesses confidence and is an incredible modern-day, relevant role model in today’s fast changing society.

Birmingham Fashion Week is August 25 – 27, 2016 at Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, AL. Sponsors for BFW include: Alabama Power, Savannah College of Art and Design, The University of Alabama, Mercedes Benz of Birmingham, Schaeffer Eye Center and The City of Birmingham. Showcasing nationally recognized designers, emerging designers, retailers and models. For more information on Birmingham Fashion Week, ticket sales, a complete schedule of events, and participating designers and partners, please visit

About Madeline Stuart:
Madeline has been featured in over 10,000 articles and news stories across the globe and over 500,000 mentions on Google and currently referred to as the world’s first Supermodel with Down syndrome by media outlets around the world. Additionally, she has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Model of the Year Award at international fashion show Mélange in San Francisco, whose partners include Jean Paul Gautier, Sephora and Nicole Miller. On her current trip to America, Madeline received the KultureCity Advocacy Award for her advocacy work in Uganda for people living with disability.

In 2016, Madeline headlined the Caspian Fashion Week in Russia; made her stage debut in London as part of the Culture Device Dance Project; went to Uganda to advocate for people living with Disabilities with Kulture City; she then went on to be the celebrity guest on the 3rd Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disability through Canada and Alaska. Currently Madeline is working in America at a series of events and television appearances. Recently finishing modelling in Boston, Ohio, San Francisco and New York. Madeline’s friendly, warm and thoughtful nature makes her immediately relatable. She has over 617,0000 Facebook users and over 142,000 Instagram followers: | @madelinesmodelling_

About Birmingham Fashion Week:

Birmingham Fashion Week was founded on the ideals of bringing unity to the community through fashion. Two childhood best friends, Heidi Elnora (an internationally known fashion designer) and Jeana Lee Thompson (a successful retail business owner and fashionista) created Birmingham Fashion Week (BFW) in April 2011. After 6 years of hard work BFW has proven to be one of the TOP southeastern fashion events. BFW is recognized by local, regional, and national press for bringing in acclaimed designers like Tibi , Show Me Your MuMu, W3 Bespoke, Rebecca Taylor, What Goes Around Comes Around, Project Runway all -stars, and many many more. Not only has BFW hosted a handful of top designers they also support local boutiques, local designers, and the up -and-coming fashion designers in our community. Each year Birmingham Fashion Week showcases the talents of our local make-up artists and hair salons, photographers, models, and artists. BFW has now become the hub for fashion, encouraging locals and visitors alike to explore the creative talents of Birmingham, Alabama. For more details and a full schedule of events, please visit

Instant Vintage 78’s 3rd Annual ‘Guys & Dolls Vintage Pop-Up Shop’

Last weekend, Instant Vintage 78 hosted their ‘3rd Annual Guys & Dolls Vintage Pop-Up Shop’ in Washington, DC at Penn Social! They successfully turned the entire bottom floor of Penn Social into a vintage shopping mall and the pieces were priceless!
Hosted by Fashion Designer and Stylist KAS, with sounds by DJ Amen Ra, the vibe for this year’s pop-up shop was all things ’70s and there was even the infamous peacock chair on site for photo opps!
The vintage and hand made vendors who participated are as follows: Be Spoke Not Broke, Kurated By Kizzy Evae, Revolution Vintage, 1 Image, The Rough, Terminology, Love Allie, Keeper’s Vintage, Carpe Luxe Vintage, 3 Shades Chic, Melli Belli Craft, Kas Lifestyle & Instant Vintage 78
To stay in the loop with Instant Vintage 78, visit to subscribe and receive updates on the latest vintage finds and future events.

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Photos & Video By: J2Design

SOGAA Youth Fashion Show and Designer Interviews

SOGAA Presents

A Youth Empowerment Fashion Event

When:  Saturday, August 29, 2015

Time:  6 pm – 8 pm

Visit: for tickets and information

Producers:  Jacob Pierce, Ken Moore and Caprese Garrett Jackson, owner of Bonneau Incorporated.

How:  Students learning how to produce a fashion show.  Baltimore youth ages 15-19 – there will be workshops and shadowing of related areas in the fashion industry.

The Featured Designer Interviews:



Stylehouse Accessories

*  How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started?  I started working in fashion in 2011 and launched my company in 2013.

*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – My collection is very playful and chic, its has many influences from African/Indian cultures as well as inspiration from notorious designer Alexander McQueen.

*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth?  Have a plan, focus, get a mentor, and never give up.

* How can people contact you?


Siobahn Peay

* How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started? I am an Emerging Designer and starting in May 2016 will be considered my sophomore year in this industry! So far, so good!

*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – My collection is ready-to-wear, very fun and vibrant. I love color, and try to incorporate it in my designs. I find my inspiration from everyday life; for example a girl at the mall or local store.  I like to create items that women can wear in their everyday lives. Women of all sizes, preferably curvy!

*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth? I’d like for the youth of Baltimore City to stop waiting for validation, I want them to be their own inspiration! I want them to live life and know how awesome they are.

*  How can people contact you? My social media outlets, siobahnpeay/Instagram, siobahnpeay/facebook, or


Original Crackage

*  How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started?  I have been in the fashion industry since October of 2012. I went school at North Carolina Central University in the Fall of 2010 to pursue my degree in fashion. As a student, I starting thinking of ways to start my clothing line; as far as developing a name, concept, theme, ect. By October of 2012, I had everything ready to start selling my clothes on campus and other areas, and in March of 2014 I officially launched my brand website,


*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – Original Crackage is a high-end, urban, fashion brand specializing in uniquely exclusive designs which include black&white, stripes, lines, abstract shapes, and hints of color blocking. All the designs are original and come from my imagination which stays consistent to the brands concept/theme. This goes along with the brand message, which is to be you, be original, and embrace whatever it is about yourself that people might not understand. This is the origin of the inspiration for the brand.


*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth?  To be yourself and don’t worry about what the crowd is doing. If you stay true to yourself, you will never have to question who you are. We all have different motives and aspirations. Just stay consistent with whatever you love and go all out. You only live once, and with this one shot would you rather be someone who made something of themselves, or some one who didn’t? Live your life with no regrets!
* How can people contact you? / 3017413847


 gamakache Black


* How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started?  Since 2000 but I got serious about designing in 2012 I started sewing as a kid by watching my grand mother

*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – My designs are based around the color black.  I wear this color daily, so I decided to create a collection that centered around black clothing.


*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth?  Stay focus on what you want to achieve because with hard work you will make it.  Never take NO for an answer.  IG Gamakache_black Facebook Gamakache Black Twitter and


  Khemistry by Trease


*  How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started?  In my mind, I’ve always had a passion for fashion.  However I actually established my line in February 2014.  God guided me in the right direction and from there I learned to sew.

*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – This current collection is glamorous and for the more risqué chic who doesn’t care what people say and wants to stand out in the crowd. She is confident and sexy.  I was inspired by our (upcoming) senior prom girls, seeking to stand out and leave their legacy with younger peers.

*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth?  My advice to our Baltimore City youth today is to take full advantage of free education. These are the years that mold our way of thinking and future.

*  How can people contact you?  Contact me on instagram @ k_khemistry88 or Facebook trease chemistry.  Business line is 443-885-9696.

Yvonne Fields

* How long have you been in the fashion industry and how did you get started?  I have been designing since I was in middle school but I officially  started my design company in 2013. I started by making clothes for my family and friends.

*  Describe your collection and inspiration for your designs – This collection (and other collections) was inspired by everyday women.  Those who want to find the perfect outfit to turns heads.  They want to transition from work to happy hour. Also, women that love colors in bold print no matter what season it is.

*  What is the best piece of advice you can give to Baltimore City youth?  You’re never too young to start working towards your dream.

*  How can people contact you?  Email: | Number: 301.433.1279 | Instagram/facebook: YvonneFieldsDesigns

Interview conducted by Jacob Pierce