Repairing the “Red” on Your Bottoms

I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (also known as red bottoms or Loubous) from Saks Fifth Avenue last winter.  My interest in the Parisian designer had little to due with the trend but merely because of my love for quality and great design.

In addition, I was always taught there’s three things a woman must own for a sophisticated look: a quality handbag, good hosiery, and a pair of well made shoes!


For me, this was an excuse to grab a pair of those sexy, red bottoms while also showcasing my legs (wink.)  But, over time and several different social functions, I noticed the red paint on the bottom of my shoes needed repair.  As a fashion girl, of course I knew there was a solution to the problem!


After all, I am the daughter of a DIY Queen (my mother) and with a pretty steady hand could repair that lovely red sole.

My  first step was to search for the EXACT red paint on the bottom of my shoes and luckily I found a company name Save Your Sole.  To sum it up, this is a company located in the UK that’s dedicated to helping us preserve the bottom of our shoes.  And after purchasing the paint, following directions, and letting it dry….this was the end result.


One step that I almost forgot to mention is that before painting the bottom of my soles, I also put my shoes in the local shop for heel repair.   So there you have it!  Good luck on repairing the “red” on your bottoms.