Transitional Pieces for the Chic Man’s Wardrobe: From Business to Bar

Who doesn’t like to go for Friday night drinks after work? For the businessman, it can be a bit of a hassle bringing a change of clothes to hit the bar with once 5pm rolls around so that your appearance is appropriate for the night-time. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just go straight from work to your favorite haunt without lugging any clothes around?

If you can’t do this already, your wardrobe is probably in need of some transitional clothing pieces that are work and bar suitable. So, if you haven’t got these in your wardrobe, start making a shopping list!

A Crisp, White Shirt

Every chic man should have a crisp white shirt in his wardrobe.  Shirts like this from Politix  are suitable for virtually anything, from black tie to a casual lunch. Pair with a simple set of slacks for work and no one will bat an eyelash. Throw on a sports jacket when it’s time to hit the bar and you’ll be perfectly dressed for wherever the night takes you.


Leather Shoes

Any guy who loves the nightlife knows that shoes are crucial to meeting the dress code of a bar or club. Do you usually wear trainers or sneakers to work? You will definitely want to re-think that wardrobe choice! Sneakers will most likely get turned away at the bar, but a nice pair of leather shoes goes with everything from jeans to suit pants and will definitely meet the standards of any dress code, no matter how fancy.

Fitted, Dark Blue Jeans

A pair of well-fitting, dark blue jeans are one of the most versatile items you could ever have in your wardrobe. You can dress up with a long-sleeved shirt and dark shoes for a night out, dress down with sneakers and a casual sweater for a great chic day wear look, or you can even pair it with a sports jacket and tie for smart casual events. The options are virtually endless! Wear your dark blue jeans out of the office and into the bar and nobody will think anything of it.


Collared Polo Shirts

Is it a bit hot for long sleeves? Your next best option for work and play is to wear a nice collared polo shirt. There’s nothing wrong with an ironed polo paired with knee-length shorts (if it’s particularly hot) or a nice dark blue pair of jeans. Plus, they come in so many colours you’re sure to find one that you like. Polo shirts are a great alternative to long-sleeved shirts if the weather is particularly steamy.

So next time you’re heading out for drinks after work, don’t pack two sets of clothes. Just use some versatile items in your wardrobe that are suitable for both occasions. You will be thankful you did when you’re looking chic while not lugging around any unnecessary items of clothing.

What are some items of clothing you find work well for wearing to the office and then to the bar afterwards? Share in the comments below.

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