CurlKit Launches First Natural Hair and Wellness Summit

CurlKit Natural Hair and Wellness Virtual Summit are the first ever of its kind, launched by a leading subscription box in the natural hair arena; this online summit cover topics on how to enhance your natural hair, beauty, and wellness through empowering tips and information.  Twenty industry and wellness experts from around the country in one place at one time to hand you the secret behind boosting the beauty of your natural hair and to living your best life with proven regimens. CurlKit is proud to bring this all right to you at home.  The free Summit runs from April 29th – May 2nd, 2019. Register at  If you miss it don’t worry an All Access Pass of all the Interviews is Available!

The Natural Hair and Wellness Virtual Summit showcase  the largest representation of industry experts in the country with pretty big names such as:

  • Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey, Associate Professor, Personal Trainer, YouTuber, Beautiful Brown Baby Doll
  • Rochelle Graham-Campbell, CEO Alikay Naturals, Natural Hair Blogger and Philanthropist,  BlackOnyx
  • Tendai Morris – Natural Hair Celebrity Stylist, The Hair Whisperer
  • And Many More…

Each presenter will deliver their own gems, tips, and tricks on how to achieve hair health, maintain glowing and youthful skin and nails, boost your energy, shed excess weight and strategies for a fantastic sex life.  There is sure to be something for everyone.  Register for Free at If you miss it don’t worry an All Access Pass of all the Interviews is Available!

Over the past 7 years, Heather Cummings, CEO of CurlKit, LLC, has run a successful hair subscription service for naturally textured hair. She has worked with hundreds of brands, from well-known beauty brands to emerging gems and has introduced over 100k natural hair women to products that were not accessible 10 years ago. Her Journey began like most Naturalistas, looking for products and tools to help to maintain her natural hair. She realized early on that there were lots of products but no knowledge base to help navigate through the plethora of products.  What was a painful journey turned into a passionate commitment to helping other natural hair women find products,  tools, and education to empower them to love and nurture their natural curls? Featured in Essence, Mintel Report 2018, Ebony, Huffington Post, Instyle to name a few. Heather’s love for all things natural including hair and wellness has driven and even more passionate focus on helping women looking to enhance their inner and external beauty.                       

About CurlKit

CurlKit is a complete solution for women with naturally curly hair of various textures. They provide exclusive services, products, tutorials, videos, how-to manuals and information to help lifelong naturals, as well as, women who are choosing a newly natural hairstyle. CurlKit had their premier launch in March 2012, opening to customers in United States, Canada, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands. In September 2012 they expanded their market share to over 30 countries worldwide accomplishing one of their first-year goals ahead of schedule.