Vanesa Rey Necklace Case for Iphone 5 | Cool New Tech Accessory

Vanesa Rey has created the latest, fashion tech accessory for all “of the cool kids.”  She’s designed a Necklace Case for your Iphone 5; talking about a hip new trend!


How many times have we lost our cellphones or digging around in our purse to answer a call?  Thanks to Vanesa, we can now wear our cellphone and look stylish while we’re doing it.

Not only is the case very chic but it’s also made of vegan leather (durable) for those with a busy lifestyle.  In addition, the Necklace Case holds your credit card/money on days you’re running around with a light load.

I encourage any stylista who’s obsessed with their cellphone (like myself) to check out the website: 

In my opinion, the Necklace Case for Iphone 5 is the perfect marriage between fashion, function, and technology!

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