Nina Ricci Presents “LA RUE” with “GIF Art”

Nina Ricci launches “LA RUE” with “GIF Art”


To mark the launch of the “La Rue” handbag, Nina Ricci is pleased to announce its collaboration with English artist Jo Ratcliffe and the creation of its first “GIF Art” campaign.

For the Autumn-Winter 2012-13 collection, artistic director Peter Copping created the “La Rue” handbag, a freestyle interpretation of the bowling bag, recast in a sophisticated way. Its slightly rounded volume and gathered details accentuate its unique shape and lend it a chic, relaxed elegance.



Created with a multi-faceted clientele in mind, the “La Rue” bag reflects a certain urban lifestyle blended with the feminine refinement that is the house’s hallmark.

The campaign highlights this by showing the bag in four symbolic Parisian settings that by turns illustrate its character. Set within the Promenade Plantée – Paris’s answer to the High Line – it appears soft and romantic, while on the Rue de Verneuil on the Left Bank, it is bewitching and bold.

Chic and charismatic on the Avenue Montaigne, it becomes mysterious and elusive at Pigalle.

English artist Jo Ratcliffe lends her signature contemporary, arty touch to these images by reworking them as a serious of modern, poetic illustrations. While remaining faithful to the universe of the Maison Nina Ricci, she infuses them with a communication savvy that is native to the digital world and helps to being this truly original project to life.

GIF Art is to the internet what Street Art is to the STREET. A true artistic crossroads between photography and illustration, these four animated GIFs embody the perpetual movement of the street, of life, of fashion and the pioneering talent of the house.