Post-Workout Beauty Secrets To Have You Flawless

It’s almost time for the new year which means everyone is going to start hitting the gym! These quick and easy beauty products are sure to have you looking flawless post-workout. Get gorgeous on the fly with these shower replacement, curl sculpture, and skin care products.


Freshen up after the gym by adding Purequosa to your daily workout. Purequosa is a shower replacement ideal for anyone looking for a quick way to feel and look fresh! Simply spray Purequosa organic cleansing spray all over your body. This hydrating formula is suitable for sensitive skin and is free from any alcohol and chemicals. It’s pure! Keep Purequosa in your purse, backpack, and car, so you can always feel fresh wherever you are.

Mixed Chicks:

Here’s the solution for flat, dull, post gym hair! No need to rewash, instead energize those curls. Reshape, redefine, boost next day hair with Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam! Take a few pumps and apply to your dry hair to bring it back to life! It easy and convenient and a MUST HAVE to keep your hair alive after the gym!

FACE atelier:

FACE atelier offers Ultra Loose Powder Pro – perfectly sized for travel and women on-the-go. Highly-micronized Ultra Loose Powder disappears upon application but works all day to reduce shine, minimize pores and prevent foundation from shifting or fading. Thanks to the light, airy consistency, Ultra Loose Powder doesn’t streak or dull the skin while the skin-perfecting, optical blurring pigments diminish the look of fine lines, imperfections and wrinkles. It absorbs excess oil and reduces shine all day long without building up in the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles, providing a long-lasting and youthful finish. The moisture, heat and oil resistant powers of Ultra Loose Powder never stop working all day long.

nyl skincare:

Winter weather is no fun for our skin. Not only are those cold winds miserable, they result in dry winds which can cause dry, damaged skin. Save your skin this holiday season with nyl skincare! A collection of fresh, all-natural products handmade weekly in a kitchen – not a factory – nyl focuses on delivering clean, yet effective products that won’t harm you or the environment. Free of toxins, animal products, parabens, and petroleum products, everything nyl makes is vegan and cruelty free. Keep your skin soft and healthy through the winter months with nyl skincare!


SWAY Deodorant:

Stay odor-free with an effective, long-lasting and all-natural deodorant that actually works –SWAY! The first and only deodorant on the market that uses a special blend of apple cider vinegar, fine essential oils, and other natural ingredients, SWAY has a unique pH value that helps to restore and maintain the acid mantle of the underarm skin. Conventional deodorants are usually loaded with chemicals! SWAY is committed to helping you eliminate yet another unnecessary chemical-laden product from your daily routine.