Girl Boss Office Style: Leave a Professional Impression In Modern Clothing

Modern business requires a commitment to take action, but also the correct presentation of its company policies, and in particular yourself as a business person. One of the key factors affecting the first impression of a particular person is the well-designed office style and thoughtful business wardrobe. 

Today, office clothing for women has moved away from the strict classical and conservative standards into corporate-style clothing, giving preference to fashion trends in modern clothing. Fashionable office clothes for women that make up office style became more feminine, more elegant. 

In today’s article, we will discuss office trends that deserve women’s attention, what office style is most acceptable to employees and what to wear to the office who demands a perfect, feminine, and businesslike appearance.

Form Your Own Fashionable Office Style

Every woman wonders what it would be like to carry an elegant Italian leather handbag every day to work dressed from head to toes in top-notch office attire. And even so, every woman wants to look chic no matter where she is. But, the reality is that the office style for women usually depends on which dress code determines the style of a company that you are employed in.

Today there are many organizations where the dress code is quite loyal so that women can choose the fashionable office style with all of its benefits.

Stylists say that fashion office clothes for women in 2019-2010 shouldn’t be very expensive.

Let your office clothes not be expensive, but you should not go straight to budget options.

Try to pay attention to quality, choose versatile styles, prefer things that are always in fashion and original style of the office that you have set.  Designers recommend shaping your office style to be very transformable, which will be perfect for creating a large number of your own unique fashion sets.

Let us first analyze the parts of your wardrobe that we can create a modern office style for you more easily.

Blazers, Jackets, and Cardigans

Office clothing for women has to include things like a coat, jacket, and cardigan. The jacket is one of the most important parts of the business closet. It can be combined with pants in different lengths and shapes, fashionable skirts, and dresses, which makes your style even more professional but not overly restrained. 

Cardigans can also be included in office style, but not all cardigans are suitable in this case, so choose cardigans with a restrained style.

Office Skirts

The most suitable skirt style for a clean business set office will be the fashion pencil skirt. Fashionable office clothes in your wardrobe should definitely include several variations of a skirt, as the skirt style is basic. 

A black pencil skirt is a mandatory attribute of office decor. A skirt can complement a light blouse, vest, business shirt, jacket and cardigan, modern cardigan, and even a polo shirt and a jacket.

Women’s Pants

Pants can be combined with a range of options, especially a feminine blouse, a simple shirt, a light sweater, or a stylish jacket. These and other options with pants will always look stylish and businesslike. Many clothing companies allow women to wear jeans, which is very convenient and practical. 

But it should be noted that jeans should have simple cuts, preferably dark and without tears, stains or holes.


The dress is another luxury part of the office style, which makes women particularly feminine. Beautifully flattering bodycon dresses for offices should have a simple cut, a moderate cut on the bodice, a knee-length, or MIDI. 

Bodycon dresses for office are usually in a solid form. To supplement their can top office wear in black and white or with a subtle print.

Shoes for Offices Should Be Primarily Comfortable 

Like all fashionable office clothes for women, office shoes need to be beautiful, but without any frills. Office-style really accepts classic pumps and ballet flats. But as you have all day to be on my feet, the heel should be so practical and comfortable every day.


For your office style to be unique, your office attire needs to be complemented with the right accessories. Office wear can be strict and restrained. And here are some original accessories that will only update your fashionable office element of femininity. 

Fashion handbag, beautiful glasses, stylish watch, or a small belt in the same tone to the overall color palette of the whole set. Remember, accessories must not attract attention, they need to emphasize the overall idea of ​​your style.


Here again, it really depends on which dress code the company follows. Standard office style colors are such colors as black, white, gray, blue, beige, brown. But the current evolution of office fashion is allowed to make use of yellow, green, light pink, turquoise, emerald, and other shades giving these notes of freshness and creativity. 

As for prints, fashionable office style, in addition to common stuff that can be complemented by clothes with the small, discreet figure, which will make it more impressive. Also, the actual pattern is a band cell, a small geometric pattern.

After reviewing the article above, you will get a great number of ideas that you can use to create your unique office style.

Do not hesitate to try something new and unorthodox to your current style and follow the principles written above to rock the office look at any given occasion!

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8. Artify Your Phone — Yes phone cases are style accessories too! I bet you’re never without yours and it should be as fashionable as you are. That’s easy with the 3 examples below, all products of our H*O*T artist collaborations with Pauline de Rousy de Sales and Patrick-Earl Barnes.
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Woman Red Dress on Blue by Patrick-Earl Barnes