Styling Patterned Trousers – Comprehensive Guide

Patterned trousers can look amazing, but you need to style them properly to ensure you don’t look out of place. You definitely don’t want to look like you’ve dressed in the dark! Using this guide when styling your trousers will make sure you look on top form!

Make a Statement With a Bright Top

Lots of prints look amazing with bright colours, so wear a bright top on your top half to make a statement. Leopard print and red would work really well, as would teal and monochrome dogtooth trousers. You can experiment in any way you like to find something that works. You can even pick something else to add colour, like a bag or your shoes. Even Islamic clothing is great to use for this tip.

Add a Fitted Blazer and Heels

If you want to wear your patterned trousers out on the town, simply add a fitted blazer and heels. You’ll look chic and turn heads for all of the right reasons! Want to make even more of a statement? Wear your blazer in a contrasting colour to your trousers.


Thrown on an Oversized Sweatshirt

If you want to dress down your patterned trousers slightly, add an oversized sweatshirt. Bear in mind this looks better if your trousers are more of a skinny fit, so you don’t swamp yourself in material. This even looks great with heels, if you plan on going for a casual drink!

Wear a Basic T and Sandals for Boho Chic

If you don’t want to look too done up, wear a basic T and sandals for a boho look. Think Vanessa Hudgens! She always looks laid back yet stylish. This look is perfect for a festival, or even a day at the beach.

Tuck in a Top and Add a Belt

Consider tucking a top or shirt into your trousers, and then adding a nice waist belt to cinch you in. This will give you an unbelievable shape!

Toughen Up the Look

If you have floral trousers, why not toughen up the look? You can do this with a black leather biker jacket and some rock chick boots.

Introduce a Colour from Your Trousers Elsewhere

Take a look at your trousers and assess the colour scheme. If you have multiple shades in there, pick one and introduce it into your outfit somewhere else. For instance, if your trousers are varying shades of purple, you could wear a lavender bomber jacket!

Add a Pretty Pastel Hue

Pretty pastel hues will look great with your trousers, and will work with almost any pattern you can find. This is a great tip if you want to soften the overall look.

Wear a Matching Jacket

Why not be daring and wear a matching jacket? Most places do matching jacket and trouser sets, and you won’t need to put much effort in to look chic.

Now you know exactly how to wear your patterned trousers to avoid looking trashy. I hope you love them as much as we do. See you later!

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Celebrity Chic Style

Aside from my love of fashion shows, trend watching, and product testing, I also enjoy staying abreast of current celebrity styles.

As someone in the fashion industry, it is important to know what celebrities are wearing because designers and boutiques will send current trends to those in the industry.  In addition, fashion stylist will also try a new concept or look to help establish an entertainer.

Either way, many of us understand that fashion “trickles down” to the mainstream audience. From that point it is up to us to select something we like and make it apart of our “personal style.”  Thank goodness for fashion boutiques that help us look sophisticated, chic, and trendy!

Celebrity Chic Style 

Zoe Saldana ~ Very cute top with ruffle waist and belt

Olivia Palermo ~ The color contrast is lovely

Emma Stone ~ Sequin top and tailored black slacks

Michelle Williams ~ Lace up bodice