Eavara Botanical Facial Cleanser and Pure Paradise Day Cream | Beauty Review

Most women want to appear naturally beautiful without the dependence of makeup.  On this site, I am always an advocate for glowing skin because it’s the foundation (or the base) of cosmetics application.

Eavara has a new Botanical Facial Cleanser and Day Cream.  The company’s philosophy is organic and natural skin care.  This means, there’s no chemical ingredients that could potentially irritate the skin.  

I had the opportunity to review the product line.  My first impression was the botanical scent and soft texture of the cleanser.  This particular product can be used both day and night, which is the proper skin care regimen.

After washing my face and patting dry with a towel, I applied the Pure Paradise Day Cream.  The directions on the bottle states use after cleansing and before makeup.  

After using the product (for a week) my skin had a natural, radiant appearance and received fewer breakouts due to the climate change.  To learn more about the product for yourself visit Eavara.com