Rare and Vintage: Building a Seasonal Wardrobe With Color Palettes

I’m always excited to shop at the change of every season. There’s something about new merchandise that builds anticipation of months ahead.

One fashion tip that helps me build a solid seasonal wardrobe is purchasing items according to a distinct color palette.

This is significant because it eliminates the issue of having nothing to wear or a closet filled with various items? For example, burgundy toned leggings can coordinate with a burgundy striped plaid shirt.  Or black sweaters coordinate with houndstooth slacks.




Rare and Vintage from Style + Life + Fashion


The same applies in terms of outerwear as well.  I generally stick to neutral tone jackets or something that matches items in my wardrobe.  Rarely will you find me buying a neon pink coat due to the lack of neon items in my fall/winter wardrobe.

Certain colors also set the tone for the season.  Pastels look nice in the spring/summer while a beautiful array of warmer shades in the colder season.

PANTONE Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017