Pevonia Botanica Dry Skin Cleanser and Lotion – Beauty Regimen

I try to keep a consistent beauty regimen because I’m no longer a lady in her twenties.  I’m  also a firm believer that beauty has very little to do with features but more about maintenance.  My beauty regimen (which varies from day to night) includes facial cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm, body mist, bb cream, coconut oil, and nail repair polish.

If you follow my site, you already know that I truly believe in good skin care products.  This is the result of having eczema and always seeking moisturizing products for my dry skin.  Luckily, Pevonia keeps me updated on the latest skin care products (as a blogger ambassador.)  This month I received Pevonia Botanica’s Dry Skin Cleanser and Lotion.  The Pevonia Botanica Dry Skin Cleanser removes makeup impurities and helps to counteract dryness; the Dry Skin Lotion removes tap water impurities and soften the skin.



I like to use my Pevonia Dry Skin products before bedtime to restore my skin and use the Stem Cell Intensive Cream before applying my makeup.  The most significant point to remember about the Dry Skin Lotion is that it’s actually a spray lotion which eliminates wasting the product.  Both products (the cleanser and lotion) go on easily and do not irritate the skin.

Pevonia Stem Cell Cream

If you’re too busy to visit the local spa but need to include a product in your beauty regimen that gives the appearance of healthy skin, visit  I am happy to have been introduced to the product and will continue using to see more results.

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