PFW Fall / Winter 2017: Ziad Nakad Couture Show

For this couture collection Autumn-Fall 2017/2018, the designer Ziad Nakad proposes his romantic vision of a season in magic colors where white predominates.
A white that appears as cold as snow and that gradually heats up when velvet, feathers, tulle and lace are interwoven through learned embroideries.

Numerous cut-outs on the back and shoulders draw the body to reveal a bewitching femininity. Navy, gray and red enriches the colors of this magical forest.And a bride like a queen of an exceptional night, dressed in white and gold that illuminates this universe fit to the legends of a thousand and one nights.

PFW Fall / Winter 2017: PATUNA Couture Show

Patuna’s autumn-winter 2017-2018 couture collection is a junction between Gaudi’s organic architecture and Dali’s dreamlike abstraction. Oscillating between rigor and fluidity, silhouettes play the feminine / masculine contrast, and follow the movement of the body. Silk, wool, velvet and cotton highlight the flexibility and adaptability of looks.
The color palette ranges from black and pale pink to gray, cardinal violet and white. The designs are dotted with special elements, de- tails dear to Patuna’s work, which punctuate the collection. The knit occupies a large part of the collection: skirts, trousers, shorts, which, like «crutches of reality», highlight the oversize jackets.
Just like Gala, Dali’s muse, the woman Patuna is a woman of character, free and impetuous…

Fashion Fun In The Sun: Outfit Ideas For The Warm Weather

Summer is a chance for fashion lovers to have fun with their look. Unlike autumn and winter, you don’t have to finish every outfit with a warm coat and a pair of boots to keep the wind, rain and snow out! Plus when the sunshine means everyone is out and about more often, there are more opportunities to be getting dressed up and playing around with outfits. Here are just a few styles you could try out over the coming months.

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Girl Next Door

Sweet and girly, you can’t go wrong with a typical ‘girl next door’ style. Go with flowing sundresses with a cardigan or cropped denim jacket, sandals and a sun hat. A touch of mascara will make your eyes look bigger and more awake, and a swipe of pink blush and lipstick give you a natural looking rosy glow.

Festival Fashion

Relaxed bohemian looks are great in the summer. Even if you’re not attending a festival, it’s easy to take elements of the style and work it into a casual summer outfit. A floaty dress or some loose-fitting shorts with a vest is a good start. You’re not going to feel weird if you’re not at a festival knee-deep in mud, so go with some gladiator sandals or even a pair of cowboy fringed boots. Carry on the fringe theme with your bag, and then accessories with bohemian style jewelry. Feather earrings, stacked bangles and chunky cuff bracelets are all perfect. Finish with a flower crown, some aviator sunglasses and bronze/ neutral makeup.

Cute and Casual

Denim shorts, a plain tee or cami and a pair of converse make this the ideal summertime outfit when you’re out and about. Maybe you’re going to a theme park or doing some other kind of activity where a dress or skirt isn’t really suitable. Forget the handbag, go with a rucksack or cross body bag instead. Far more practical when you’re out and about and works well with the look. A baseball cap with your ponytail through the back, some aviator sunglasses and a swipe of red lipstick gives this the perfect ‘I look fabulous but without trying too hard’ look.

Gorgeously Glam

Maybe you have a garden party or barbecue to attend, a wedding or a day at the races? If so you’ll need a glamorous, dressy outfit which is still summer appropriate. Maxi dresses are a fantastic choice here. They look glamorous and dressy while flattering your figure. If it’s a slightly more casual affair, accessorize with a chunky belt, oversized sunglasses and a cropped denim jacket. If it’s a little more formal add some jewelry, some high-heeled wedges and a clutch bag. Smokey eye makeup and a dressier hairstyle will help to finish the look.

What are your go-to summer outfits? What sort of styles do you find yourself gravitating towards most over the summer months?

Collaborative Post

PFW Fall / Winter 2017: EWA MINGE Couture Show

Inspired by the ancient gypsy fables, Ewa Minge for her Couture collection fall-winter 2017/18 transports us into an enchanted, joyful and dancing world.
Multi-colored and multi-layered silhouettes, numerous details and accessories evoke the rich and singing world of this culture.
Appear on many garments embroideries and butterflies.
The above were created by the “students” of the Black Butterflies Foundation as part of the art-therapy.
Indeed, under the eye of the designer and this for several months, women who fight against cancer have made “small works of art” from pearls. And as they say, these butterflies helped us to pass this difficult time during treatment and transported us to another wonderful world where everything is possible.
Art helps to keep the disease away; These women will be present in Paris to attend the parade and see their butterflies fly into the great capital.
In this fashion show, Ewa Minge wants as well to present a model “Plus-Size” because she creates for all women and beauty does not have sizes …