Purifying Products for a Successful Summer in the City

With summer comes great responsibility. While rose, rooftop sips and park lounging are things we all look forward to, this much-awaited outdoor time also means excess exposure to harmful environmental pollutants. Blemish prone skin can be seriously aggravated by city living, especially in the hotter months.

This summer, leave the blotting paper at home, and reach your good skin goals with 001-Pu: Purifying Face Cream and 001-Pu: Purifying Face Mask from Good Science Beauty®. These products target the deepest skin layers to guard against big city pollution.

The Purifying Face Cream delivers powerful antimicrobial ingredients which neutralize toxins and rapidly reduce blemishes, while the Purifying Face Mask’s amino acids work to decontaminate the skin of pollution and reduce oiliness, helping unblock pores and keeping you blemish-free. Both are formulated with willow bark extract, to help the skin shed dead cells, clear pores and reduce the signs of inflammation.

Both products are powered by Good Silicon+ technology, which carries the active ingredients to where they need to be and releases them over time into the skin to work their magic.