WUSA 9 Washington DC National Wine Day Television Segment

Style + Life + Fashion discussed beauty products that are infused with red grapes on WUSA 9 CBS to celebrate National Wine Day 2014.


The primary focus of the segment was to share the beauty benefits of red grapes such as: preventing moisture loss, cell damage, and cleanse the body of impurities. According to the writeup, “the skin and seeds of red grapes contain Resveratrol that controls the aging process.”

Most importantly, the products can be used without receiving the added side effects of drinking wine.


special thanks to Yellow Tail Wine for providing bottles


Uni K Hand and Foot Glow

G.M. Collin Bio Organique Masque Energizing Mask

Aprivitas Wine Elixir Anti – Wrinkle and Rich Firming Face Cream

Vine Vera Resveratrol Zinfandel Skin Toning and Correcting Cream

I was very excited to host the segment because the products have dynamic results.  And of course, we all love to have a glass of wine but now it’s also included in our beauty products.  To view the segment click on the link: WUSA9NationalWineDay


Sangria Sundays with [Yellow Tail] Wine – Simply Delicious

What better way to celebrate the new season than with a bottle of [Yellow Tail] Sangria.  Because it’s officially Spring, we can (now) say cheers to the warm sun by partaking in Sangria Sundays. The concept behind Sangria Sundays is for everyone to slow down, relax, and have a great glass of wine

I was super excited to receive my [Yellow Tail] Sangria package in the mail (by surprise) and eager to partake in a glass of wine. Aside from receiving a bottle of wine, the company also sent an official Yellow Tail candle, Sangria nail polish/decals, and a really cool booklet.


To make the experience worth while I chopped up a few apples and strawberries to put in my glass.  I also did a little “research” and found some delicious goodies to eat.

Overall, the [Yellow Tail] Sangria was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in Sangria Sundays!  I’m looking forward to hosting a Girls Night In with a tasty glass of Sangria.

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