Ivyrevel debuts Midnight Safari Collection


IVYREVEL is a pioneering digital fashion brand proud to be supported by H&M GROUP, PAYPAL and selected influential business giants within digital technology which launched globally in April 2016.

“We are proud to be digital-only, breaking boundaries to create a new fashion heritage by merging fashion creativity with technological innovation,” says Dejan Subosic, Co-Founder of IVYREVEL.

IVYREVEL’s style is polished, bold and extrovert, with a focus on feminine silhouettes and a dressed-up attitude. The IVYREVEL woman is a “revelista” who uses online living to her own advantage, setting her own rules, looking for the next trend she spots on her feed, always sharing her cosmopolitan lifestyle on social media.

Most of the designs will be limited edition, adding particular uniqueness for a global offering. The product range will be constantly monitored and updated to meet customer’s needs: there will always be something new and unique at IVYREVEL.

Innovation is in the heart of IVYREVEL. The company is reshaping the traditional creative process – experimenting within the fields where human creativity is empowered by machine learning ability, creativity and workmanship.

“Technology as a source of creative expression within fashion is something that excites us. We will learn a great deal about the evolution of creativity by fusing these two worlds together,” says Dejan Subosic.

Customer data has long been a backbone of the fashion industry: IVYREVEL will pioneer new trend analysis that fully integrates multiple sources of data. Specially developed algorithms will enhance its design, creating the product its customers want and ensuring IVYREVEL truly understands its customers changing passions.

IVYREVEL is founding its own Fashion Tech Lab in Stockholm that will be tasked with blue-sky thinking to experiment with the future of fashion. Machine learning as part of the creative process, interactive fabrics, wearable tech, distribution, customer experience: the Fashion Tech Lab will ensure that IVYREVEL continues to innovate, and to stay at the forefront of 21st century fashion.

IVYREVEL is supported by its global partners. H&M GROUP is an investor and support within production and strategic advice. PAYPAL is a partner and advisor within payment and distribution.

IVYREVEL is also embarking on several progressive projects with some of the biggest tech companies in the world within areas of data and digital innovation.

“We are delighted to support the entrepreneurs at IVYREVEL on their journey to explore the merge of fashion creativity with technological innovation and in creating a fashion brand for women of the digital generation”, says Björn Magnusson, Head of H&M CO:LAB, part of H&M New Business.

IVYREVEL is founded by Dejan Subosic, Aleksandar Subosic, Kenza Zouiten and Gustav Springfeldt.

IVYREVEL is available exclusively on www.ivyrevel.com.

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