DIGITS WATCH: Prominent Ring Watchmakers

There’s always the thought of looking at your wrist watch when we consider keeping time.  But why not look at your finger for a more chic look?

Digits Watch

DIGITS ring watch is considered to be one of the most prominent ring watchmakers in the world.  Their watches have been featured in a variety of magazines from the New York Times to WWD’s Accessories.  Not only are the watches affordable, but their made with high quality materials.

I received the Stellar Radiance ring watch in the mail and was pleased with the product.  My particular watch has a silver tone with a stainless steel silhouette.  And in addition, the ring watch is water resistant.

Stellar Radiance

To learn more about the DIGITS brand click on the links below:

WEBSITE: www.digits.com

INSTAGRAM:  User: DigitsWatch87

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/digitswatch

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/digitswatch