Unusual Things to do in Santorini – Unique Travel Aspects

Santorini is a stunning Greek Island on the Aegean Sea just 200 kilometers from the mainland of Greece. Noted for its out of this world beauty, white buildings and churches topped with blue roofs; it is a city that you would expect to find in the best myths and fairy tales.

Although Santorini is a classic holiday town with sun, sand and blue seas as far as the eye can see, not to mention the luxurious Santorini Villas that are dotted around the island, there is much more to the place that meets the eye. So, if you are looking to do something a bit more unusual than topping up your tan on your next Santorini holiday, you might want to check out the following:

The Medieval Village of Emporio

The definition of quaint, Emporio is one of the places you absolutely must visit on your travels in Santorini. The village, which is perched above the popular Perivolos beach, is home to some of the most impressive medieval architecture in the world, including a particularly impressive castle, which is arguably the most interesting on the island.

Go in Search of the Santorini Vampires

You won’t find many packing tips that suggest you bring a stake, but if you’re traveling to Santorini, it might be a good idea.

If it’s unusual you’re after; you can’t beat the story of the Santorini Vampires. What few people know is that Santorini is thought to be home to more vampires than Transylvania. Legend has it that the bodies of Greeks who were considered to be creatures of the night were transported to the island, where they were buried a safe distance away from the mainland. 

So, if you’re a budding Buffy or a Van Helsing in training, a trip to Santorini could be your chance to finally come face to face with the foe!

Visit a Volcano

If you laugh danger in the face and you love nothing more than showing off just how brave you are to your mates, take a trip to Amoudi Bay, where you can plunge from the top of a huge boulder into the warm, clear seas of the Mediterranean.

With so much to do and see in Santorini, it is easy to miss out on the more unique and unusual aspects of the island. However, it is well worth seeking out odd experiences as they are often the experiences you remember the most about your holidays, rather than the usual sunbathing and partying, which you can do almost anywhere.


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