Winter Fashion Survival: Wearing Bright Hues and Tones

To survive the remainder of winter, incorporate a bright hue into your fashion wardrobe. There’s something about the fluctuating weather and brisk air that makes us resort to earth tones. Although I adore wearing a taupe sweater, I opted for the Alex Malay Satin Pink Blazer instead of the traditional pieces.

Normally, I would style this blazer with a button-down, denim jeans, and quilted flats.  I wanted to elevate the look and represent the upcoming warmer season.

The cranberry toned accessories evolved from owning a velvet hat, pointed toe boots, and bodysuit. White jeans are considered a faux pas but can brighten a look and accent the colors in your top or accessories.

How do you use fashion to brighten the cold season?  What are your favorite colors and accessories?