Is Apple entering the cosmetics industry? Collaboration with Kylie Jenner

Has the Apple technology group developed a face cream to defend against mobile phone radiation? The group has allegedly developed and launched the Selfie Cosmetic product in collaboration with Kylie Jenner. At least, that’s what her friend Anastasia Karanikolaou claims in an interview in the Daily Week.

Selfie Cosmetic protects against hazardous HEV radiation. This is by no means a new fashion trend, but a scientifically founded fact. HEV stands for high-energy visible light. Every smart phone and tablet emits this light.

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It is also colloquially referred to as screen light or ultra-blue light, especially since it actually glows blue to purple. According to studies conducted in the USA, this radiation is said to be responsible for premature skin aging as well as altering the DNA of the skin, possibly even leading to skin cancer.

Every time you look at your mobile phone, every selfie you take causes a danger to the skin. Kylie Jenner is known for her cosmetic innovations and her boundless wealth. She is considered the youngest billionaire of all time and has always had an instinct for lucrative business ideas.

And Apple? Apple’s devices cause the dangerous blue light. An interesting coup here to develop a cosmetic that counteracts and absorbs this blue light. At the same time, a lucrative idea for both, because millions of selfie are made every day.

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