Three Brands Giving Back This October for Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives? With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up, it’s important to give back. During the month of October, The Better Skin Co.Belli Skincare and Sterling Forever jewelry will be donating proceeds they earn from the items to

iGoPink is a national non-profit focusing on educating, empowering and encouraging all men and women to become proactive in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, surviving breast cancer. Through their free program services, iGoPink is able to educate, teach and provide the latest accurate information about integrated cancer care, cancer prevention, recovery, treatment, early detection, and survival.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

The Better Skin Co. is donating 100% of their October proceeds from the sale of Better Skin Super Shield Serum.

THE BETTER SKIN CO SUPER SHIELD ANTI-POLLUTION SERUM (, $38): Guard your skin against air AND computer pollution. The Better Skin Super Shield is a natural pollution defense system powered by White Horehound (herb) designed to fight visible and invisible pollution damage while creating a more youthful-looking, radiant skin. ▪ Naturally fortified with Turmeric, Eggplant, Aloe, Henna, and Pearl Powder ▪ Scented with aloe and Rose ▪ Assist in protecting against blue light (computer light pollution) ▪ Hydrates quickly for more supple skin and assists in renewing skin for a healthier glow Belli Skincare is donating 25% of their October proceeds from the sale of Pure Radiance Sunscreen SPF 30.


Belli’s Pure Radiance Sunscreen SPF 30 ($24, is clean, moisturizing shield protection and primer for your skin with a mineral-based formula, allowing it to be one of the healthiest sunscreen options you can choose. Think of the harmful rays of the sun like a beach ball being thrown at your skin over and over, with the protection of Belli’s Pure Radiance Sunscreen SPF 30 Broad Spectrum, it allows those rays to bounces right off your skin.

Sterling Forever is donating 25% of their October proceeds from the sale of their Pink Jewelry Collection.