Bring More Fun In Your Life – Flamenco Getaway In Seville

If you feel overworked and you are struggling with too much pressure in your everyday life, it’s time for a holiday. Take a break from your life and experience something new and different, something that will give you a new perception on life, on fun and on style. Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is the capital of the Andalusia region and it is famous for its fierce and free temperament. That sounds like the kind of place that could take your stress and tear it away in oblivion.  

Getting There Easily

If you are flying to Seville from the USA, you will probably need to find a connection in London, Paris or in Berlin, as there is no direct flight to Sevilla for long-distance travelers. Seville is in Spain, and you don’t need any visa authorization for visits that last less than 90 days, so this is an easy holiday to arrange. The best advice that one could give you is to choose a hotel in the town center, which you could reach with a taxi such as booktaxisevilla from the airport. This will allow you to pack your bag with all the essentials for a sunny holiday without having to carry it in the midst of public transport. If you are adventurous, remember to pack a pair of medium heels to have a go at flamenco moves in style.

Love Flamenco Until Dawn

You will find that Seville has a lot of entertainments to offer, especially if you love the idea of a Flamenco show at La Carboneria, a local favorite that offers rustic and authentic food with authentic dance show. La Carboneria offers free shows, but you will have to pay for your drinks and food, though. If you fall in love with Flamenco, try to find a Flamenco social club, which are called peñas in Spanish, where you can meet the dancers and maybe learn some moves! You will soon feel your worries melting away as you start tapping your feet to the music.

Find A Designer Boutique

While there are plenty of shopping options in Sevilla, and you will probably find your favorite Spanish brands Zara and Mango, try to avoid the known brand names. Go straight to local individual designers instead. You can find a former theater costume designer who has created a collection of women and kids exquisite clothes, for example. There’s even an ex-architect who has moved to fashion. Some designers even have open workshops, where you can assist with the creation of a dress or maybe even decide to upcycle an old number with the help of the professionals.

Eat Like The Locals

Finally, in Spain eat like the locals and look for the best tapas in town. While most tapas bars, when they are not overly touristy, are great, you will need to look hard to find this little jewel of organic cooking, Estraperlo. It’s a little organic shop hidden in the Alameda de Hercules district. They sell organic and locally produced foods and they also make their own daily tapas menu to enjoy in the restaurant, or to take away to eat in the sun.  

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