COVERGIRL’s Shade for Shade: Be Unapologetic in Your Beauty Choices

Today, COVERGIRL launched a new campaign that inspires women to be unapologetic about their beauty choices through a quick swipe of lipstick. Starring and co-created by COVERGIRL Issa Rae, the film, titled “Shade for Shade,” features Issa and her (real life!!) best friends navigating LA for a night out, each swiping on a different shade of lipstick and owning the colors they chose. Once the shades of Exhibitionist lipstick come out, shade gets playfully thrown back and forth between the friends, illustrating what it looks like for women to be assured in their beauty choices.

Lipstick isn’t about the color, it’s a statement of unapologetic self-expression, which is exactly what COVERGIRL embodies within the campaign and their tagline “I Am What I Make Up.”

The film serves as an invitation for all women to confidently own their shade choices without explanation – even if your friends disagree or people stare. COVERGIRL says, let them stare! There are no rules when it comes to makeup, and “Shade for Shade” serves to celebrate all of the bold (or subtle) lipstick choices that make you feel like your best you.