Somaluxe Line Filler and Collagen Eye Gel: Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

It’s summer and the sunshine is harsh on my skin.  I love having a bronzed look but detest the dryness.  It’s vital during this season to have a good skincare regimen.

This prevents harsh lines and premature wrinkles.  Somaluxe has a wonderful product line that’s infused with vitamin C and Collagen.  The benefits of both vitamins include intense moisture and fighting against free radicals.

I had the opportunity to review the products and First, the texture is amazing.  This is generally a deal breaker for me.  Second, my face felt softer than normal. I have naturally dry skin and Somaluxe softened my texture.

The last tidbit is that this product did indeed reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  At this stage of my life, I am preserving my face for years to come!

Check it out for yourself!  To purchase Lady Soma, Somaluxe products visit: