Spa Sonic Pro Skin Care System – Product Review and Holiday Deals

For the last three years I have made an attempt to purchase a Spa Sonic Pro Skin Care System.  This professional face and body polisher was a priority because I’ve seen wonderful results in magazines and blogs.  To my surprise (and excitement) I was able to test this product for the first time last night!


I opened the package and received a total of 5 attachments that connects to the waterproof device.  As previously stated, yes…this product is waterproof and can be used in the shower, bath, or sink.  The Spa Sonic Pro Skin Care System was a major plus (and not just because this is a product review) for various reasons.  Number one, the speed of the skin care system was appropriate for use on your face, legs, or feet.  Number two, its battery operated which means there’s no need to charge the device prior to use.  Number three, the size of the Spa Sonic Skin Care System is suitable and not heavy in weight.


I decided to use my Spa Sonic Skin Care System with Pevonia Skin Care Products and received great results.  My face felt smooth and hydrated with the appearance of leaving a day spa.  Overall, I suggest this product to anyone that’s incorporating a new skin care regimen and looking for a product that’s affordable and easy to use.

Spa Sonic is hosting the following deals through the holiday season:



Spa Sonic Pro

Nov 1st  – Dec 30th: $39.99 (Reg $74.99)



Spa Sonic Pro

Dec 7th  – Dec 31st  $49.99 (Reg $74.99)