Talk of Alabama Fashion Segment: Closet Organization and Budget-Friendly Products under $25

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Talk of Alabama:  ABC 3340 and share budget-friendly closet organization tips.

One way to boost your overall mood is with an organized closet.  There are so many benefits to managing your clothing and accessories:

  1. Save money on your wardrobe without re-buying the same items.
  2. Reduce the clutter with visually seen items.
  3. You will dress better because items are at your fingertips.
  4. It creates more space in your home.

Organizing your closet can be overwhelming but with the right set of tools, this can be a fun project!  Grab your best girlfriends or Fashion Stylist and start sorting those shirts and accessories.

While on-air, I showcased products that can be purchased from Target and Amazon.  The list included non slip hangers, cascading hooks, plastic baskets, over-the-door hook, shoe bag, and wall-mounted jewelry canvas.

Click on the link to view the segment: Talk of Alabama | Closet Organization | Kim West

Clothing Rental Programs: Save Time and Money

I shared this post on Kimberly West Styling Facebook page.  But, it’s such a game-changing piece of advice that I want to post it here on the blog!

Did you know that instead of purchasing new clothing you can rent high-quality pieces?

Some of your favorite brands allow renting options with a reasonable monthly fee and the process is simple:

1. Signup

2. Browse and select styles.

3. Return the items with a pre-paid envelope.

If you love those items, you have the option to keep them with a discounted price!

Below are clothing rental companies:

Infinite Style – Ann Taylor

NY&C Closet – New York & Company

American Eagle Style Drop –

Trunk Club – Nordstrom

Rent The Runway

Additional plus-size rental programs:

Stitch Fix

Gwynnie Bee


Plvsh Style


I strongly encourage clothing rental services for busy women, last-minute social events, or even to save money!  How often do we wear a dress on multiple occasions?  Also, do we really want an unorganized closet filled with miscellaneous pieces?

Eliminate the hassle of never having anything to wear by subscribing to one of the programs on this list.

Let us know what you think about clothing rental programs in the comment box.  Give us your opinion!

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Talk of Alabama Fashion Segment: Makeup Techniques, Shapewear, and Much More

On July 2, 2019, I hosted a television segment on Talk of Alabama:  ABC 3340 discussing simple fashion tips to elevate anyone’s everyday style.

I was excited to serve as the Fashion/Style Expert and shared makeup techniques, shapewear basics, color placement, and classic accessories.

Why talk about everyday style tips?  Because it’s easy for women to wear the same hairstyle or favorite jacket for several years. Refreshing your overall look can uplift your mindset and self-esteem.

During the segment, I discussed how to cut down on the early morning routine with the use of face palettes from companies such as Makeup Geek.  Face palettes remove the need for various products and keep the bathroom area organized.  They’re easy to store in your cosmetics bag as well.

The most important makeup tip shared on-air was wearing a bright-colored lipstick to elevate the face during an early morning routine!

Owning shapewear basics such as a bodysuit or camisole will make those fitted shift dresses, align skirts, or slim-fit slacks lay smoothly and camouflage problem areas.

When shopping, purchase items that are in complementary colors according to your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.  The IBKUL Mock Neck Summer dress is the perfect addition to anyone’s seasonal wardrobe.

This dress has rich colors and the sleeveless design can be dressed up with wedge sandals or dressed down with a denim jacket.

Accessories are like icing on a cake!  Wearing the right accessories can elevate any look; it’s suggested to start with classic pieces such as stud earrings, tortoiseshell sunglasses, leather belt or black handbag.

From there, you can incorporate trendier items for a fun look.  The pieces shown on-air included a straw handbag and hat, pearls, hoop earrings, tote bag, and aviator sunglasses.

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Winter Fashion Survival: Wearing Bright Hues and Tones

To survive the remainder of winter, incorporate a bright hue into your fashion wardrobe. There’s something about the fluctuating weather and brisk air that makes us resort to earth tones. Although I adore wearing a taupe sweater, I opted for the Alex Malay Satin Pink Blazer instead of the traditional pieces.

Normally, I would style this blazer with a button-down, denim jeans, and quilted flats.  I wanted to elevate the look and represent the upcoming warmer season.

The cranberry toned accessories evolved from owning a velvet hat, pointed toe boots, and bodysuit. White jeans are considered a faux pas but can brighten a look and accent the colors in your top or accessories.

How do you use fashion to brighten the cold season?  What are your favorite colors and accessories?



Who: Jessica Pimentel Nominee Orange is The New Black

Who: Titus Burgess Nominee Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Malan Breton will present their Fall Winter 2017 collections for men and women.

Feb 9, 2017
At The Theatre at Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
Style Fashion Week

FANTôME – Malan Breton
Feb 18, 2017
At The FreeMasons Hall London, UK
Fashion Scout

For more information on Malan Breton
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Chris Grant, Beyonce’s choreographer paid a visit to America’s Next Top Model Season 23 contestants.  He taught them how to dance and pose like a model.  The movements came easier to some of the cast members while others struggled.

Tatiana won the dance challenge and became the new face for an upcoming campaign with Juicy Sport.  To build upon what they learned, the contestants were asked to use the same moves in a Gypsy Sport fashion video.


Marissa was short-tempered with Stacy Mckenzie and not very receptive to her assistance.  Her attitude was a reflection of negative model behavior.  Courtney also had an allergic reaction to the lipstick used during the challenge.



Marissa was short-tempered with Stacy Mckenzie and not receptive to her assistance.  Her attitude was a reflection of negative model behavior.  Courtney also had an allergic reaction to the lipstick.

During elimination, the panelist gave Marissa harsh feedback, reminding her that, “you’re only as good as your last job”.

To conclude the episode, panelist eliminated Kyle from the competition.  Click here to view:  X Marks The Spot


Statement jewelry is making a serious comeback this Spring, and it’s all about over-the-top ear candy. Chic-up your look with earrings from renowned designer, Robert Lee Morris.

With a selection of bold, sculpted metal pieces featuring geometric elements and subtle pops of color, Robert Lee Morris has the styles you need to achieve an insta-worthy look.


Show Your Look Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re going out on the town with your sweetheart or having a girl’s night, AMI Clubwear’s got you covered. Founded by fashion forward CEO Yang Yang, AMI Clubwear is the place to shop for the hottest styles and trends in Los Angeles. Get the celebrity and runway look without breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day.

All heart everything is so overrated. Try rocking a cute floral dress instead – you’ll feel your best in the must-have flirty prints from AMI Clubwear:

With the flirty, fun looks from AMI Clubwear, you can prep for the perfect, affordable V-Day look without sacrificing style. Say Je T’aime with one of these sexy, signature dresses this Valentine’s Day. To find out how you can slip on an AMI Clubwear outfit, visit

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America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 6 Recap

“Out for The Count” was the title for Episode 6 of America’s Next Top Model.  This week, Ashley Graham stopped by the house to chat and share a healthy recipe.

The model challenge required all contestants to bring their photos to life on a trampoline.

Featured Photo from ANTM Instagram

During the challenge, Ashley stated the most important technique was to show muscle tone for future sports campaigns.

Paige was the challenge winner and asked Tatiana to accompany her for a deep tissue muscle massage.

The second photo challenge involved Supermodel, Chanel Iman.  She encouraged the contestants; shooting photos with them for a strong face.

Episode 6 concluded with panelist eliminating Krislian.  Rita Ora expressed her growth as a model.

Valentine’s Day Wish List from Ann Taylor

It’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to get – and what you’d love to wear – for Valentine’s Day.

Ann Taylor’s spring 2017 collection features romantic, blush toned skirts, shirts and pants along with color coordinated heels and sparkly accessories – perfect for a Valentine’s Day wish list, or to complete a flirtatious date night outfit.