My Personal Style Type According To House of Terrance: HOT Style Quiz


You love a good blazer, a collared shirt, and tailored pants. Your favorite accessories start with the letter P–pumps, pearls, and pinstripes. You always gravitate to shades of navy, beige and gray. Your signet ring is your fave accessory.


TIP: Classics like you are always in style. The only thing you need to watch out for is style fatigue because a traditional classic style without updates can sometimes seem a bit frumpy. Always spice up classic style with a twist on it for example instead of a simple string of pearls or a single bangle worn with your watch, why not add 1 more piece? Try adding another necklace to layer with your pearls or add 1 or 2 bangles to the mix on your wrist to keep things fresh. Either of these examples from H*O*T would work or


And remember to spice up your classic look with color!  Even though neutrals predominate your closet adding a pop of green, red or bright blue to your look doesn’t have to take you out of your style comfort zone.


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