Scala Straw Safari Hat: Effortless Summer Accessory

When I hear the word summer, I think of relaxation.  Not from the standpoint of completing projects and daily tasks but vacation is normally right around the corner.

If you’re anything like me, the last thing I’m concerned about on vacation is my hair.  I want to wake up with a clear goal in mind of having fun.

That means I must purchase Summer outfits and accessories that are wrinkle-free with an easy-fit.  My accessories have to support this same philosophy because nobody wants to ruin their favorite handbag on the beach.

Straw hats are an effortless accessory that has endless Summer options.  It can be worn to the pool; between grocery runs and while gardening.

Mainly, straw hats are essential because you don’t have to prep your hair.  I can just get up and go which is my favorite morning routine!

The Scala Straw Safari Hat is perfect for protecting my face from the sun.  And boy is it hot outside!  Sun damage is a major issue and we must be proactive about protecting the skin.  Aside from preventative efforts, the hat is also fashionable and well-made.

I love wearing my straw hat with a trendy top and wedge sandals.  Tell me, what are your favorite summer accessories?

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