Dressing for Your Body Shape– Tall Men: Key Guidelines

When dressing to fit your body shape, there is a need first to recognize the fact that this concept is individual to each person. Even though you may share similar attributes, e.g., tall with muscular shoulders, you should note that the human body varies enormously. Therefore, it is rather pointless for you to compare your body to that of another person.

Your shopping time would be better spent looking at clothes for big and tall men that will help you confidently display what you have, in a comfortable and stylish manner. Proportion is a critical component when looking to dress for your body type.

Below is an outline of different tall men body types, with similar tricks on how each can dress in a stylish, and proportionate manner.

The Trapezoid (Rhomboid)

It is a body characterized by shoulders that are slightly wider than the man’s waist. Many tall men consider this to be the ideal body type, as it makes it easy to do any kind of clothing item. If you happen to have this kind of body frame, it means that you can try almost anything, and it will be a good fit for you.

Try and experiment with different textures and patterns. But ensure that they remain in proportion. If this is not your body type, worry not, as only less than ten percent of tall men have this particular shape.

The Inverted Triangle

It is a type of body characterized by the presence of very broad shoulders and a correspondingly tiny waist. With this body type, the goal will be to turn attention from the upper part of your body towards the lower area. You will be aiming to create a balance, and you will thus need to settle on clothes for big and tall men that will help you balance out the wide shoulders.


  • Wear sweaters and V-neck shirts to turn the eye away from your chest area
  • Wear double-breasted blazers to create an illusion of having a wide torso that is proportionate to the shoulders
  • Wear pants with pattern or texture to draw the eyes downwards


  • Stay away from scrawny jeans as they will make your legs appear skinnier ad the shoulders wider
  • Stay away from structured jackets or blazers. Be sure to avoid shoulder pads as they can make the shoulders seem wider

The Rectangle Body Type

With this body type, both the waist and shoulders are wide. Your goal will be to ensure that your shoulders do not appear broad, and the waist smaller. Proper dressing can help you create an illusion of having a rhomboid body shape.


  • Go for slim fitting clothes as you will want the waist to appear as small as possible
  • Don slim fit blazers that have shoulder pads to assist make the waist look skinnier while ensuring that the shoulders remain wide
  • Go for circular necklines that help in drawing attention to your chest region


  • Stay away from the attention-grabbing belts
  • If possible, stay away from the double-breasted jackets as they only contribute to enhancing your rectangular shape

A perfectly paired ensemble can easily get ruined by wearing clothing items that are not a good fit for your body type. Many well-dressed men will confidently tell you that the secret to a flattering and comfortable style always comes down to finding the right fit.

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