Tani Luxury Undergarments – Product Review

Tani is a luxury underwear brand that strives to create the world’s most comfortable undergarments.


The garments are designed to be streamlined and the perfect selection for anyone seeking to add design and functionality to their wardrobe.

Most of the traditional lingerie retailers only provide bra sets but Tani has tapped into the market of luxury loungewear. For example, the retailer has SilkCut Leggings, Tank Tops, Slip Dresses, and Shirts.  All of the items listed are ideal in terms of dressing casual and effortless at home.

Tani also shared a few of their new products for a review.  The undergarments shipped included SwissTouch Cotton Camisole and SilkCut Shorty Panty.


As a style exert, the pieces were soft, lightweight, and provided a great fit.  The undergarments inspired me to add more comfortable pieces to my wardrobe!

To learn more about the company visit TaniUSA.com