Tenth Street Tripoli Fisherman Hat: Casual Shopping Outfit

The cold weather will definitely motivate your dress options. One way to combat the brisk air is not only through layering a variety of pieces but wearing a stylish hat.

This particular accessory is understated but just like any other clothing item, there are seasonal options. A few seasonal hats include the beanie, felt hat, or bucket hat.

Selecting a stylish hat does have a few requirements. Number one, it must fit the head properly. Number two, when selecting a winter hat, you want a hat that has texture.  Nothing boring will do!

The Tripoli hat that’s seen in the photo has so much detailing. I love the chain link and it’s an easy fit.  Fisherman hats are very on-trend and can be dressed up with a suit or worn for a casual look with a Faux Fur Coat.

Visit Tenth Street to purchase your hat for chic winter style. Also, January 15th is National Hat Day!  Use the coupon code below to add a trendy hat to your wardrobe.

Wool Fisherman Hat:  Tenth Street | Faux Fur Coat:  Target | Vintage Jeans:  America’s Thrift Stores | Chain Clutch:  YSL

Scala Straw Safari Hat: Effortless Summer Accessory

When I hear the word summer, I think of relaxation.  Not from the standpoint of completing projects and daily tasks but vacation is normally right around the corner.

If you’re anything like me, the last thing I’m concerned about on vacation is my hair.  I want to wake up with a clear goal in mind of having fun.

That means I must purchase Summer outfits and accessories that are wrinkle-free with an easy-fit.  My accessories have to support this same philosophy because nobody wants to ruin their favorite handbag on the beach.

Straw hats are an effortless accessory that has endless Summer options.  It can be worn to the pool; between grocery runs and while gardening.

Mainly, straw hats are essential because you don’t have to prep your hair.  I can just get up and go which is my favorite morning routine!

The Scala Straw Safari Hat is perfect for protecting my face from the sun.  And boy is it hot outside!  Sun damage is a major issue and we must be proactive about protecting the skin.  Aside from preventative efforts, the hat is also fashionable and well-made.

I love wearing my straw hat with a trendy top and wedge sandals.  Tell me, what are your favorite summer accessories?

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Tenth Street Designer Fedora Hat: On-Trend Accessories

With the new year approaching it’s time to update your wardrobe!  We love clothing pieces but often forget about the impact of great accessories.

One on-trend item for the cooler season is wearing a fedora hat.  Purchasing a variety of women’s fedora hats can actually serve two functions in terms of style and warmth!

Tenth Street clothing brand has several stylish hats for both men and women.  The company shipped Jillian which is a felt fedora hat that can be worn for brunch or a night out.

One interesting detail about this particular hat is the adjustable inner velcro.  This small feature allows the hat to fit all head sizes.

Visit Tenth Street to purchase your own on-trend accessories!

Fedora Hat:  Tenth Street | Moto (Similar) Jacket:  Express | Riding (Similiar) Boots:  JCPenney

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