Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham 2021- The Magic City Sparkled #DEBBHAM

This year’s Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham 2021 was a beautiful event. Registered participants partied downtown in the Uptown area.

Attendants were excited to not only wear all-white attire but to decorate an elaborate tablescape that showcased their individual styles.

Leading up to Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham there were several phases that took place.  Everyone registered to secure their seat, accepted the official deb invitation, and of course, wore white outfits.

Simple enough right?  The hosts, Lynda and Jasmine Allen, owners of Destination Birmingham, along with a team of influential volunteers (including myself) collaborated to create a memorable evening!


There were several surprises during the event; other than setting up for the all-white picnic.  First, a marching band dazzled the audience.  Second, there were sparklers and it doesn’t get any better than that! 

Also, a photography backdrop was designed by local businesses Swanky D’s and The Pixel Room BHM, Selfie Museum.  This definitely made Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham hashtag/picture ready! 

The evening entailed an endless amount of dancing and laughter.  After such a dynamic night, the magic city’s ready to start planning the 2021 event. 

Au voir!



The Pixel Room Birmingham: #SelfieMuseum and Fun Experience

Something innovative has come to Birmingham!  Last week, I went to The Pixel Room, Selfie Museum.  Only two words can describe this place, very cool!

I didn’t know what to expect upon visiting the new local attraction.  A mutual contact sent me the invite and honestly, anything with the word selfie attached to it is must-see for any blogger!

Most fashion and lifestyle influencers are constantly snapping photos and having a special location to stage pictures heightens the experience.

Upon entering the museum, I was greeted by a variety of displays.  Almost every room was the replica of a movie set.

There’s a selfie room for everyone depending on your individual taste.  Guests can take photos at either the Dynamic Disco Room, Lemonade Stand, House of Colors, etc.

Experience it for yourself, there’s so much fun happening at The Pixel Room, Selfie Museum!  Visit the Grande River Outlets for leisure shopping and take some memorable selfies.

And of course, they are taking COVID-19 Precautions.

The Pixel Room Birmingham