Caring for Your Handbags: 10 Easy Tips for Fashionistas

We own them, we love them, and we spend a great deal of money on them….handbags!  There’s so many stylish bags for our personal collection such as tote bags, satchels, clutches, hobo bags, and weekender bags.


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I have an obsession with handbags because they’re a great organizational tool. When my handbag’s properly sorted I feel like I can conquer the world.  Although we may own several handbags (in various shapes and colors) are we caring for them properly?

As fashionistas, we stick our handbags in a closet once the seasons change.  We forget to handle the outer leather, straps, and interior with care.

Tips to properly care for your handbag collection:

1.  Know the material of your handbag prior to using chemicals or solutions.

2.  Always store your handbag in a pillow case or protective cloth.

3.  Don’t forget to zip or fasten the bag; and put the straps together.

4.  Purchase a leather or suede protector for your handbags.

5.  Repairs can be done by your local seamstress or purse repair shop.

6.  Handbags should be moisturized with a leather conditioner.

7.  Insert bubble wrap or tissue paper to help your bag keep it’s shape and form.

8.  Use a spray protector for weatherproofing handbags against environmental debris.

9.  Let spills dry naturally inside of the bag.

10.  Remember to also care for the hardware on your handbag.

If you switch handbags often, consider purchasing a handbag organizer to keep important items in tack.  You never have to worry about packing your favorite lipstick or nail file ever again.

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