Slanky Invisible Base – Layer Underwear – Secret Second Skin


With Fall and Winter on the doorstep, office space air-conditioning and winter climates can put the freeze on your ritzy style if you have to cover up in bulky undergarments and sweaters. Enter Slanky: one-of-kind nearly invisible base-layer underwear that acts as a secret second skin. Perfect for the work place, special occasions or bridal parties -suitable for young and older alike! The essential undergarment when there is a chill in the air and everyone wants to look their best. In the workplace or out and about, you no longer have to choose between looking stunning and staying warm. Slip on your Slanky and be insulated from the cold without sacrificing your curvaceous silhouette.

Made of a supple, super-stretchy fabric, Slanky feels soft and luxurious against your skin. It¹s so thin, you can wear Slanky under your silkiest blouse or slimmest dress and only you¹ll know it¹s there. With skin tone-matching colors and an under-the-bust cut, Slanky can even be worn undetectable beneath sheer and plunge neckline tops and dresses. The body-hugging fabric gently smoothes, shapes, and lifts without squeezing for all-day cozy comfort. Slanky fits snug around your hips and the feminine lace trim prevents it from ever sliding up.

Slanky is available in four colors ­ blush, cinnamon, hazelnut, and black; and 2 neckline options: with or without a lacy neckline. Available in sizes XS to XL, Slanky is every woman¹s secret weapon for staying warm, looking beautiful, and feeling fabulous.


If you are tired of sacrificing comfort for style, then you should definitely give Slanky a try!

Click here for an interesting clip on NBC¹s TODAY show regarding the War over the office air-conditioner!



Founder, Karin Nieuwoudt was dressing to attend a high-end Dallas trade event. Knowing that convention centers usually have the air-conditioning on full blast, Karin had a big problem: How could she maintain her sexy, polished appearance and not spend the day freezing or have to cover up with a bulky jacket? With a pair of opaque tights, some scissors, and a needle and thread, Karin fashioned the first Slanky there on the spot when the idea for Slanky was born.

Since then, Karin has developed a unique product that is both functional and sexy to help all women feel and look their best.