Monica Brown Cover and Interview – Uptown Magazine


“When you embrace you, you embrace it all.”

Monica is clearly embracing it all right now – her family, her fame, and the success of her eighth studio album, “Code Red.” We have a Code Red over here with how she’s SLAYING us with her new cover and photo spread in “Uptown.”

In the interview, she explains “As I think back over everything I’ve accomplished in my career—the awards, opportunities and exposure are all there, of course. But, what gives me unspeakable joy is the fact that I’ve touched countless women, and some young men, along the way with my music and my message.”

Photo – Uptown Magazine

And if anyone knows music, it’s Monica. She’s been dominating the R&B scene for over 20 years since her debut with “Don’t Take It Personal.” She knows that in order to make it to the top of the charts, or the top of any field you need to have the traits of a leader. Check out the video below to see Monica describe what individuals need to succeed and be a leader in their field.