Transitional Sweaters – Dryel Home Care Tips

When it comes to fashion, the laundry does not stop!  One discovers (very quickly) the proper care and treatment of garments is vitally important.  Each article of clothing has its own label that includes the fabric percentage, content and suggested laundry needs.

I have a few sweaters that I’ve started wearing to help with the transition of seasons.  In this region, the weather fluctuates; one day it’s cold enough to wear a cashmere tunic and the next day I’m searching for an open-front cardigan.

Dryel is such an important product (for your wardrobe) because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and less damaging to your clothing.  The product contains 6 cloths and for hard to clean stains, the company provides a booster spray.


From my personal experience, the kit was simple and resulted in my sweaters smelling great.  I opened the Dryel ultra cleaning cloth and placed inside of the bag (with my sweaters.)  After tumbling in the dryer for 30 minutes, I removed the sweaters and put them on a satin hanger.   This was an easy laundry process for a lady on the go!


Check back with the site (over the next few months) and I will share additional tips from Dryel At-Home Cleaner. 


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