Brides Should Purchase Multiple Wedding Dresses: Contributing Post from Simply

Wearing multiple wedding dresses has become one of the biggest trends in the wedding industry. The trend has so permeated the industry that it is on the fast track to becoming standard bridal fare instead of a celebrity bridal trend. Yet, before you plunk down some serious change for two dress deposits, you should consider what comes with the territory when you decide to wear multiple dresses on your wedding day.
You Get to Dance the Night Away
Is your heart set on wearing a big, ball gown with a 27-foot train, even though it requires you to walk like a tin man? Well, have no fear because you can have your dress and wear another one too. Today’s brides have been wearing their big, beautiful gowns for the ceremony and then ditching them in favor of an easy, but still bridal, dress that allows them to move, shimmy and shake all night long.
You Become a Quick Change Artist
Your guests will be stunned when you walk into the reception in one dress, go into another room and then reappear with a completely different look. If you want to go the entire quick change route, enlist your hairstylist to create a completely different look. Now, that is really something you don’t see every day.
You Will Have a Bigger Headache than Most Brides
Finding your dream dress is stressful in itself, but trying to find two (or possibly three or more) dresses can give you cause to self-destruct. Just think, you have all of the dress one dress requires and then get to multiply it by how many dresses you want to wear. If you’re prone to stress, then this trend may not be right for you.
…and Unfortunately Your Wallet Becomes Smaller
All you need to do is walk into a bridal boutique to remind yourself just how much getting married costs. Dresses can be quite expensive, but if your wallet can handle it, go for it.
The trend of wearing multiple dresses is quite fun, but it also a little time-consuming and more stressful than usual. Although we love seeing brides’ reception dresses, we understand the pleasure and pain that brides must endure if they want to indulge in the trend. So, how many dresses will you be wearing? in an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and wedding accessories. SimplyBridal now delivers to North America, much of Europe, and parts of Asia. There are over 400 wedding dress styles and all bridesmaid dresses come in 28 colors.


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