Body Shape Fashion Tips - Look Great All Year

It’s very difficult any time of year to show off your body.  One common issue is that a lot of us perceive that we don’t have an attractive body.  In the summer it can be a bit embarrassing to show off unflattering parts of our body. But we all have different body shapes, and the trick is about dressing for each body type. So whether you are an apple, a pear, an hourglass figure, or you’re rectangle-shaped there is something to suit you. So let’s go through them one by one:


The trick to pulling off style when you are apple-shaped is about picking the colors, prints or patterns to suit. Try dark neutral colors like black, navy, forest green, or charcoal gray. When wearing darker colors, try to keep them on the bottom when you combine them with lighter colors on the top. You can also try an all-over color such as what is called a monochromatic look; this instantly makes you look slimmer. The best types of prints to go for are subtle ones like stripes or polka dots as prints and patterns help to complement fuller figures when they are on the lower half of the body. So think about skirts that have this style and if you have wonderful legs, as many apples do, then you should show them off! Many apples have thinner legs, so if this is you, you should take advantage of this and invest in a good leg-shaving kit. And there are plenty you can find online such as 99Cent Razor; 99cent Razor is a “Dollar Shave Club” for women where you can find different styles of razors to suits your legs. But the trick is to highlight your attributes where you can.


If you have a pear-shaped body, there are many ways to highlight your features by doing any of the following. Adding colors from various ends of the spectrum works really well on the top half of a pear-shaped body, so it is worth experimenting. But the lower half of a pear shape is very curvy so you should go for darker shades to make the hips, thighs, and the rear look a bit slimmer. It’s best to avoid an all-over print when picking styles and patterns because it will draw attention to the larger areas of your body. It’s important to avoid fabrics that are heavy, such as leather and wool because they will add bulk to your body. The best thing to wear as far as accessories are concerned are scarves which will elongate your neckline, and when it comes to shoes, high heels will work great because they will make your legs long and more streamlined rather than just curvy.

Hourglass Figures

It’s not difficult when you have an hourglass body as they are naturally very curvy, so you can wear almost any type of color and there is not really much you need to avoid. There are colors like cream, white, and baby blue that can make your lower body look larger than it actually is, so be careful with this. It’s more important to wear prints or patterns that are not too busy; a lot of busier patterns of prints can make the bottom half look larger. Accessorizing an hourglass figure includes things like belts, size in tops, as well as skirts or dresses. They are all flattering to the hourglass figure. You can wear high heels or flat they as they are both flattering to the typical hourglass figure, but if your legs tend to be curvier, you may want to steer clear of shoes or boots that cut off down at the ankle.


Rectangles are generally quite “boyish” for a lot of us girls, but you can make your shape appeal by creating curves. The great thing about this body type is that you are essentially a blank canvas and you can add accessories and clothes that will add that necessary shape to your body. Choosing light and bright colors help your body to look bigger because they will reflect light; you could try dark colors that will outline the silhouette, but it will slim you down, so be careful! You can try bold prints and patterns because as you don’t have a curvy figure to break the silhouette up, it makes for a good figure.

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