Dress Your Best For Every Occassion

It doesn’t matter the invite or occasion, there’s an endless amount of do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing the proper attire.

Before you start panicking about what to wear to that event, take a deep breath, relax and read our guide to successfully dressing no matter what the occasion.

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You’ve Been Invited To A Wedding

It used to be that there were three colors that you couldn’t wear. The colors white, red and black were absolute no-go’s for weddings. However, this has changed slightly. White is still a banned color (unless you are the bride), but red and black are now considered to be acceptable.

But, the color of the dress is hardly the battle because weddings are notoriously hard to prepare for and execute well, and that is because so much is left ambiguous. No matter how vague the invite may have been regarding the dress code, there are three main clues to help you decipher what is expected. The invitation, season and ceremony time are all going to narrow your options.

Day weddings tend to be more casual than evening affairs and that means no sequins or heavy beads. Instead, go with a solid color and knee-length dress. The style will depend on the season, but warmer weather weddings will allow you to be more open in terms of cut and shoes.

If you are caught with the tricky scenario of an afternoon ceremony that has an evening reception, then your best bet is to go semi-formal. This means a cocktail dress or an evening suit in a color that won’t detract from the bride’s gown or reception dress.

You Have Cocktail party To Attend

This one is relatively simple in terms of style of dress; a cocktail dress being the big winner. No surprises there. However, the tricky thing is deciphering what type of cocktail party it is going to be. Is it going to be a posh affair with hundreds of guests, which would require a knee-length dress that glitters in the moonlight? Or is it just going to be a few of your friends crowding around a few platters of finger food, in which case you can get away with something more casual paired with bold jewelry, such as the kind of bling that can on this website. Jewelry that makes a statement and compliments the style of dress you decided to go with. It is that little piece of you than can make an outfit pop.

That is basically going to be your hardest decision; what you accessories with. But, as a sort of unwritten rule, a dress with simple detailing can be paired with a nice cashmere top, gorgeous heels, simple earrings and a wrist full of quaint bangles. It is about looking chic, sexy and confident. So look in the mirror and feel all of those things then you are onto a winner.

You’re Going Out For A Company Dinner

This one tends to get people a little worked up because it is a dinner, but it still works. As such, go professional. It may require some tweaking to suit the actual event or the actual occasion, but stay as close to professional as you can. If you are unsure of what we mean by this, we mean you are going to have to embrace the style culture of your office. Never ever – ever – wear anything that could be considered provocative. You need to stay conservative. That means no risks. You want to be taken seriously, and that means avoiding any chance of ruining this perspective.

As such, stick to one of these two options. Either a blouse paired with a blazer or trousers paired with a smart jumper. If you want to add something in the way of layers, than try out a sheath or a wrap. As for your feet, always wear appropriate shoes. If you wouldn’t wear them in the office then don’t wear them to the business meal either.

You Have A Funeral To Attend To

This one used to be simple in terms of style. It was a matter of wearing black because black meant mourning. However, the etiquette has changed slightly now, and that means you don’t have to wear black; you just have to be respectful.

Of course, it could be that a dress code has been decided on, something that the deceased decided on before their passing, or the family wanted to do as a way of celebrating their life. As such, always abide. It could be wearing a colorful scarf, or a pair of glasses, something personal. But only do this if it has been instructed.

In terms of respectful colors, always make sure you are wearing a block of a single dark color. This could be black, or gray, it could be navy blue or even a forest green. Of course, you are allowed to wear dark patterns too.

As for accessories, make sure they are understated and classy. This means pearls, pendants and stud earrings. If you suspect anything may be slightly too out there, or inappropriate then follow your gut and remove it or change it. That goes for your entire outfit.

You Are Going On A First Date

There is only one thing you need to do on a first date when it comes to dressing, and that is dressing true to you. You need to show off your personality a little. You need to wear something that lets you feel confident. But you need to do this without taking any risks.

So, make sure whatever you choose is true to who you are. It doesn’t matter what the magazines are saying, or style blogs, or what the celebrities are wearing. It just matters that it is something you feel confident wearing. So select that outfit that makes you feel great about yourself. Or go to the shops and buy that outfit you almost bought last week but decided against it because you couldn’t justify the cash.

Also, think back to past compliments. It could be that a certain color really suits your skin tone. It could be that you have a pair of trousers that really makes your bum look great, or so your friends always tell you. If there is a nice floaty dress that accentuates your curves, then why not wow him with your first move. Whatever it is, remember that you won’t have another chance to make a first impression, so make sure the one you go with will last forever.

Just don’t take risks and don’t give off the wrong impression. That means don’t wear something too short on the legs or too low-cut at the cleavage. Don’t wear something too tight either. The reason for this is simple; you want to leave some things to the imagination.

As for accessories, wear something that you love, and something that may catch his eye, maybe even draw his eye to a certain thing. There is a lot to consider from dress to bag, shoes to hairstyle, but just remember, he has already asked you out on a date. The hard part is done. So be yourself and wear the most attractive thing any girl can ever hope to wear, which is confidence. There is no dress, no pair of pants and no set of lingerie that will make you look as attractive as the glow of confidence.

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