1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes – Product Review

Everyone knows that core strengthening is good for the body. But it’s also great for beauty tools, and that’s why the contemporary beauty tool experts at 1907 by Fromm have given their round brushes a metal makeover. Beauty Brands is proud to introduce 1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes.

Featuring a unique copper core barrel, these brushes take style to new heights with unparalleled advantages over brushes with traditional aluminum ceramic coating. The copper coated barrel isn’t just pretty to look at. It also ensures even heat distribution to dry hair 30% faster, while reducing hand and wrist fatigue and minimizing hair damage. Copper is also naturally antimicrobial, destroying 88% of bacteria, preventing dandruff, itching and flaking. And the brushes also provide superior shine.


Product Review –

The 1907 Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes are truly beautiful in sight.  They’re a great addition to your beauty entourage and the bristles feel very sturdy.  Personally, I like the handle grip which is important in terms of blow drying the hair for a total look.  The brushes also come in 4 different sizes depending on the hair length; adding volume and shine to your tresses.

My hair is in a natural (chemical free) state and I like to blow dry for a length check and trim.  The 1907 Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes made the at-home process easier.  I was able to hold my blow dryer in one hand, along with the 1907 Copper brush and was done in a matter of minutes! Visit the social media handles below to purchase and learn more about 1907 Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes.

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