Be Ever Wonderful: Personal Growth and Mindset

Personal growth is the beginning of having an altered mindset.  It’s the ability to say no to unhealthy environments and yes to pure, authentic joy.  Growth appears different for each individual and can’t necessarily be categorized.

I think every woman has that moment when life changes internally.  Personally, this mental elevation started when there was a desire to read a thought-provoking book or recognize the early morning sunset.  For transparency, it would truly surprise most people to know that I’m both fun-loving and very practical.  My husband finds humor in my ability to keep our family moving like a machine.

Growing up my dad would play Earth Wind and Fire, Be Ever Wonderful.  This song resonates because the last lyrics says, “don’t let the world change your mind. don’t let the world change your mind.”  And how often does the world try to change our mind?  We drift away from our natural upbringings to marginalize into an unknown path of adulthood.

A few steps towards achieving personal growth is through goal-setting, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly knowing yourself.

My personal philosophy is to be the author of your own story and “Be Ever Wonderful” in your own sweet way!

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