BC Fibre Force Spray Conditioner: Megan Fox Hair Transformation

Megan Fox had a serious case of chemical damage and thermal stress and ONLY products that were able to cure her hair havoc was BC Fibre Force. Below Schwarzkopf Brand Ambassador Amber Dawn dishes on the tress transformation and the NEW haircare collection that Fox now swears by.

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Product Alert: The DIVA PRESSING IRON by {Sultra}

Ladies, take a look at the newest pressing iron for women with the coarsest, curliest and frizziest of hair!  The Diva Pressing Iron has a ThermaGuide Plate System with an advanced Ceramic Heater.

In addition, the temperature settings are designed for natural or relaxed hair, which is a plus.  If you’re a natural girl (like me) who’s searching for a really good straightening system, I suggest you try this product (because I will be grabbing mine soon.)

The Diva Pressing Iron can be found at Sultra or Sephora.com

Sultra_Diva Pitch (1)

Sisterhood of Natural Hair: Adjustable Headbands and Haircare Products Interview

Sisterhood of Natural Hair

Meet the Designer: Sarah Mukibi

1.  What inspired you to become a (hair) accessory designer and natural hair product distributor?

I started creating headbands because when I went into stores to find headbands for my hair some were so loose that I would have to double wrap them which would end up pulling my hair.

Now I sell headbands that are very unique and adjustable that range between $5 and $7.

I have been selling them vending at different natural hair events and they are also online for purchase.

2.   In your opinion, what makes your headbands unique from any other brand?

What makes my headbands different is that they are unique, adjustable and innovate. You can not find them anywhere in stores and I designed them specifically for African American women with natural hair.

3.   What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a (hair) designer?

One of my greatest accomplishment is actually incorporating Sisterhood of Natural Hair as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Second great accomplishment was paticipating in my first natural hair event as a vendor, I was so scared but it turned out to be a great experience. Thirdly, is selling my headbands online, which is doing pretty good so far.

4.   What’s your favorite headband from the collection?

Do I have to choose I love them all (giggles) but if I really have to choose it would be my plain black one just because I can wear it with any outfit. I also love the leopard skin bows because they are fun and bold.

 5.  Honestly, how many hair care products do you own?

Honestly, I don’t own to many hair care products. I would say about 15 – 20. 

6.   Do you have any advice for anyone that’s interested in becoming a (hair) accessory designer or creating their own hair care product line?

The advice that I would give others concerning starting their own business is to just do it. It can be a bit scary but once you have come up with a plan start taking the steps towards making your dreams a reality.

Time waits for no one and there will never be a “right time” to start a business but if you believe in your product/services take a chance and if you fail it’s okay – reevaluate your plan and try again.

7.   What’s in the future for Adjustable Headbands and Natural Hair Products?

In the future I hope to get my headbands into retail stores. Soon I will also be starting a makeup line that will be all natural and bring back the make up that highlights the African American women. I also hope to start a natural hair care line that will consist of moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and oils etc.



To find out more about the company and where to order products click on the link: SNH HEADBANDS


Click on photo for Facebook Page

Della Ricca Hair Color Announces a Color Concierge and Participating Salon in Bethesda, Maryland

HOUSTON – (October 31, 2012) Della Ricca Hair Color, the premiere at-home hair coloring system, is pleased to announce a partnership with a board certified “color concierges” located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Della Ricca Hair Color has joined forces with Patrick Maloy of LUX Studio to ensure the utmost convenience for its Maryland area customers. The Board Certified Master Haircolorist, a national distinction achieved by few in the field, has the expertise and capabilities to work with clients and create a custom color formula based on their individual needs.

Customers can expect their color concierge to create a custom-blended color formula based on a wide range of criteria, including eye color, skin tone, hair texture, thickness, hair styling and coloring history. Within 10 days of the consultation, clients will receive a custom color kit in the mail for $30 plus shipping for the first order and only $25 for each additional order.

Each color kit includes the customized color, brush and bowl, developer and personalized instructions written specifically for the client’s hair. Clients also have the option to receive automatic, ongoing deliveries to ensure consistency between colorings.

Below is a list of Della Ricca Color Concierges located in Bethesda, Maryland:

Patrick Maloy – LUX Studio

4711 Montgomery Ln

Bethesda, MD 20814


The days of brassy, inconsistent color and trying to fit an extra appointment into a busy schedule are over. For more information on Della Ricca Hair Color, or to set up a free consultation, please visit www.dellariccahaircolor.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Della Ricca Hair Color

After recognizing the need for a high quality at-home hair coloring system, Karen Anne Vinson founded Della Ricca Hair Color in April 2011. With more than 25 years of experience, and as the first Texan and now one of only 10 Board Certified Master Haircolorists in the Houston area, Vinson has the capability and expertise to bring clients salon quality color right to their doorsteps.

For less than half the price of a salon visit, Della Ricca Hair Color is quick and easy to apply at home, making it perfect for those who want consistent color while traveling, don’t have time to visit a salon, or simply want a higher quality at-home hair coloring system.

With over 500 styles of box color available, coloring hair at home can prove to be extremely overwhelming, not to mention risky. Della Ricca eliminates these risks by arranging clients with a free consultation with a “color concierge”, in person or via Skype, to discuss their color needs. These Board Certified Master Haircolorists will then create a custom-blended color formula based on a wide range of criteria, including eye color, skin tone, hair texture, thickness, hair styling and coloring history.

Within 10 days of the consultation, clients will receive their custom color kit in the mail, which includes the customized color, a developer and personalized instructions written specifically for the client’s hair.

For more information on Della Ricca Hair Color, or to set up a free consultation, please visitwww.dellariccahaircolor.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Fall/Spring 2013 Headscarfs

I am in LOVE with headscarfs! This is my go – to hair accessory when I just can’t get it together with my strands.  Especially as a mom, I need something that’s quick, sleek, and cute!



Beauty at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013

Thank goodness one of MY favorite blogs (Fashioninsing.com) was able to capture the essence of how to wear this accessory.  And what’s really fantastic about the trend, is that you can find a headscarf anywhere, with prices ranging from $1.00 to over $50.00.


Simply Gorgeous!

For me, knowing how to properly tie a headscarf is pretty simple.  This is a trick I learned at an early age to help maintain my hair.  But there are also moments when I like to wear my scarf in a more stylish manner such as underneath a hat, in the form of a headband, or with over-sized sunglasses and hoop earrings.



Classic and Regal!

Either way, the headscarf is a great trend for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013!  Read more at Fashionising.com



Kimmie’s Quick Weekend Style with the Headscarf




HOW TO: Take a look at the tutorial titled,  “Wear a Headscarf (3 Ways)”



[youtube clip_id=””]

Healthy Hair Affair 2012

For those that love all things concerning hair and politics, we have a treat for you!  The Congressional Black Caucus and Annual Legislative Conference is scheduled for dates September 23 – 26, 2012 in Washington D.C.  There will be a variety of galas, receptions, and even a panel discussion held by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce.


But along with so many political, social and economic focused events, Lyssa Hargrove and Shawne Morgan are also hosting The Healthy Hair Affair (meetup) event on September 22, 2012.   During The Healthy Hair Affair participants will address the politics behind hair, what is “good hair” versus “bad hair”, how can we make healthy hair decisions, and encourage women of color to “embrace” their hair.

Most importantly, the event is geared towards ALL hair types (whether you are relaxed or natural.)  There will also be door prizes, vendors, a photo booth, and CELEBRITY GUEST!





Lyssa Hargrove is a former Hill staffer who has navigated the CBC ALC event on several occasions and has planned educational workshops for her boss, Congressman Charles Rangel of New York City. She is familiar with the planning and coordination of the entire CBC ALC weekend. In addition to being a wife, mother, daughter of a NYC hairstylist, & professional, Lyssa is a regular blogger for multiple blogs, and also a lover of all things hair.



Shawne Morgan is a wife, mother, attorney & owner of It’s Yours! Hair Company selling premium human hair worldwide for over 11 years. She has styled natural hair for over 15 years and has conducted styling and business workshops across the country. Shawne was also a contestant on the CBS show, Amazing Race – Season 16. She’s passionate about empowering and assisting women in discovering those things that truly make them happy.





Historic Atlas Theater

In the H Street Corridor

Washington D.C.



Fall 2012 Hairstyles

Every girl wants to try a new hairstyle; experimenting with color, cut, and even extensions.  But there’s always a fear of the style will looking right with your face!  And although I am an advocate of the saying “wear what works for you” there’s nothing wrong with having a total new look.

Especially with the seasons changing and we are taking out those boots and fur vest, why not try one of the latest Fall 2012 Hairstyles and Trends?





The Following Hairstyles Can Be Worn With Any Hair Type or Texture…Have Fun!








2.  Braided Updos





3.  Glossy Pontail





4.  Sophisticated Bun (low)





5.  Textures Waves





6.  Colored Tips




Tools of the Trade (for accomplishing these styles:)

1. Flat Iron

2. Hair Pins

3. Colored Hair Extensions

4. Morrocan Oil

5. Large Barrel Curling Iron



[youtube clip_id=””]



If you like this article, click on the following link: Fall 2012 Fashion and Beauty Trends


The Universal French Braid

The French Braid is one of the hottest styles for summer.  I love this style because it’s universal for all hair types. Whether your hair is straight or textured, the French Braid is the perfect protective style for a busy girl that’s on the go!  And if you’re on pinterest, there’s so many creative styles when braiding your hair which makes it fun, trendy, and effortless.

To help us create the French Braid (at home) I have embedded a video from youtube that gives us one by one steps.  You will also find inspiration from SLF Pinterest Board titled Beauty and Hair.


Pinterest Board: Beauty and Hair Inspiration 












[youtube clip_id=””]



[youtube clip_id=””]



Style Life Fashion: Dean Banowetz Interview

Style Life Fashion had the opportunity to speak with Celebrity Hairstylist, Dean Banowetz. This was a great opportunity because Dean shared tips on revamping your hairstyle; how to use quick and easy tools while demonstrating three looks that we can use at home. Click on the link below to join Dean as he educates us on summer style tips.

dean banowetz About Dean Banowetz:

From a farm in Iowa to the bright lights of Hollywood, Dean Banowetz, also known as “The Hollywood Hair Guy”, has made his name as a key player in the world of celebrity hairstyling. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, a detailed eye and an individual approach to styling, Dean has carved a niche for himself as one of Hollywood’s go-to hair stylists.

After attending Cosmetology School in Iowa and later spending time training under Susan Lipson at the “On Set Motion Picture Hair Academy,” this Hollywood hair mogul landed the prestigious role as EXTRA host, Leeza Gibbons’, personal hair stylist. Following his debut on the scene, Dean’s outstanding work took him to the set of American Idol, to style host Ryan Seacrest’s hair, as well as the show’s talent. Today, Dean devotes his time to his career as a full time Hollywood Hair Stylist getting his A-list clients including Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Ellen DeGeneres, Leeza Gibbons and Ryan Seacrest red-carpet ready. Dean’s devoted clientele count on him to get their tresses in tip-top style for high-profile events such as The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys and much more.

In addition to developing a loyal celebrity following, Dean has also spent time sharing his expertise on top-rated television shows including the Oprah Show, Tyra, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady Show, Fox News, NBC’s Today Show, Dateline, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood and most recently Shear Genius. His beautiful work has been featured in fashion and beauty publications worldwide including Vanity Fair, Details, People Magazine, Us Weekly, Newsweek, TV Guide, Shape, Italian Vogue, Glamour and Redbook.