A Men’s Guide To Stepping Out In Style This Winter

Winter is well and truly coming, and soon enough hats, gloves, scarves, and extra layers will be rearing their heads in your life yet again — if they haven’t already done so already! Wearing all of these additional items of clothing that are designed to keep you warm, however, will see you become susceptible to suffering a fair few fashion faux pas. When the temperatures drop, it becomes a lot harder to remain stylish.

There are ways to get the warmth that you need without having to let your style be compromised, though. To see what you need to be wearing to be able to step out in style this winter, check out the guide below.

Choose a classic winter hat

If you want to remain both warm and stylish throughout the winter months of 2019, then you need to get yourself a classic winter hat. It means avoiding grandma’s knitting, anything with pom-poms on them, and ear muffs for starters, and giving some simple solutions a go instead. Options include:

  • Ski caps
  • Bowler hats
  • Fedoras
  • Newsboy hats

Layer up in leather

Leather is very much in this winter. From London to Paris to Milan to New York, it has been exhibited on the Autumn/Winter catwalks more than anything else. Fear not, however, because you don’t have to wear fashion-show-esque items to keep yourself in style this winter. You can instead dig out your old leather clothing (it might be best to save the hot pants for the summertime, though!). Whatever you do, don’t wear cheap leather, as that will cause you more trouble than its worth later on down the line.

Wear a scarf… in the right way

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a scarf to keep your neck warm, as this is one of the primary places on your body for the releasing of heat. This is only okay in a style sense, however, if you wear your scarf in the right way. Try to refrain from just tossing one end over your shoulder, and try out these different styles instead:

  • The Parisian
  • The Once-Around Knot
  • The City Slicker

A reefer pea coat

If you want to look business ready at all points this winter, even when you’re braving the cold weather outside, then you need to get yourself a reefer pea coat from www.gloverall.com. Double-breasted, stylish, buttoned, what more could you really want from a jacket? Whether you get one in black, grey, or navy blue, you’ll always carry an air of sophistication around with you when you don this kind of outerwear, no matter where you go. If you wear your scarf right, too, the whole ensemble will look even better.

In order to get ahead of the cold curve, make sure to take the advice laid out in the guide above. Make sure to choose a classic winter hat, make sure to dig out that old biker jacket, make sure to tie your scarf in the right way, and make sure to give your wardrobe an update by getting yourself a reefer coat.

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