New Forever 21 x Juicy Couture Collection

Forever 21 launched their Juicy Couture collection! The iconic duo collaborated on exclusive pieces that tap into the season’s throw-back craze.

The Forever 21 x Juicy Couture collaboration comes at the perfect time, with Forever 21 customers current love for Y2k fashion combined with their need for loungewear. As the lockdowns and stay at home lifestyles come to an end, Forever 21 customers will still want to be comfortable, but after nearly a year at home, they’ll also want to have fun with what they are wearing. Now, more than ever, our customers want comfortable clothes that are fashionable, and that make them feel happy and confident.

The collection is perfect for the transitioning cool-to-warm weather season featuring a mix of hoodies, jogger sets, bodysuits, swimsuits, and rompers, as well as accessories like slides, bucket hats, hair pins, handbags, scrunchies, and doggy jackets. Pieces will be available for Women and Juniors, with prices ranging from $17.99 to $39.99.

Juicy Couture was an iconic part of early 2000’s fashion. During its peak, the brand’s bedazzled velour tracksuits were everything and everywhere. Instantly recognizable, Juicy was colorful, fun and combined luxury and comfort in a new way. The silhouette of what would become Juicy’s signature tracksuit is what made the brand stand out, as it was both innocent and sexy. In the early 2000s when our love for celebrity culture and reality tv was first taking off, you couldn’t pick up a tabloid without seeing one of the candy-colored velour sets on Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez or Lindsay Lohan. Juicy was the symbol of casual luxury. Today, it is the symbol of Y2K coolness, as the appeal reaches across generations, sparking childhood memories for millennials while also capturing Gen Z’s obsession with all things vintage and the Y2k aesthetic.

“We felt it was only natural to merge our brands for a collection that is comfortable and fashion-forward. Juicy Couture is a nostalgic phenomenon for many and a novelty for a new generation, I am thrilled to  see these pieces become a part of their must-have wardrobe staples,” said Alexandra Taylor, SVP, Marketing at Authentic Brands Group, owner of Forever 21 and Juicy Couture.