Shopping for Sunglasses: Tips on Choosing The Right Pair

Sunglasses make for great birthday and holiday gifts because they are stylish and ideal for use during winter holidays where we experience extreme temperatures that can dry the eyes. Compared with designer shoes and handbags, sunglasses are an affordable luxury that can be worn all year-round.

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But how do you know which pair of sunglasses you should get for your loved one? Shopping for designer sunglasses is certainly not a walk in the park, and there are some style rules you must follow to ensure you are getting the perfect pair that your loved one will love wearing.

To provide some assistance in your sunglasses shopping, we outline some tips on choosing sunglasses to give as a present for friends or family:

Consider their face shape

This is not an easy step because you don’t want your friend or family to get a clue that you are giving them sunglasses as a gift. But this is also one of the vital steps you need to take to ensure that the person will love the sunglasses you will get for them.

Face shapes can help determine which frame style will best fit a person. Does he or she have around, heart-shaped, oval, or square face?

To guide you in choosing sunglasses based on face shape, check out our pointers below:

Oval shape– frames that have a strong bridge and bold patterns. Cat-eye glasses are ideal.

Square shape – rounded and thinner frames to soften the angularity of the face shape

Diamond shape – curved frames, frames that are wider than the cheekbones

Round shape – square or rectangular frames

Tip: If you find that it’s difficult to tell their face shape through sight alone, take a look at your friend’s existing sunglasses frames.

Get familiar with different brands and designers

If you want to get the perfect pair of sunglasses for a friend, consider his or her take on fashion. Do they follow catwalks religiously? Do they have a penchant for a particular brand or maybe an aversion to a certain designer? Take note of their existing wardrobe, and ask them what they can recommend if you were to get a pair for yourself. From there, you will get an idea of which designers they support, and what brand they are likely to have a liking towards.

Think about the person’s favorite celebrity

Often, celebrities get the first dibs on the latest trends in fashion and accessories, so when thinking about the right pair for a friend, it may help to look at their favorite celebrities, what their style is, and what accessories they are donning these days. Chances are, your friend will take inspiration from that and will love to wear a pair of sunglasses similar to the one that their favorite celebrity is rocking.

Consider the purpose of the sunglasses

Sunglasses can be used all year round because they provide protection to the eye. But if you want to make your gift more personalized, consider how the receiver will use it. If he or she loves the outdoors, then you want to get a pair of sunglasses that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, if the receiver is a trendsetter, you may want to get a pair of aviator shades from Ray-Ban and Police. For friends who love high fashion, you can go for designer labels such as Chloe, Miu Miu, and Prada.


There is no single pair of sunglasses that is perfect for gift-giving. It all boils down to the person’s sense of style, face shape, and personality. So make sure to consider these before making a purchase to ensure that the receiver of the gift will be delighted to receive an item that has been carefully chosen based on his or her unique style. Remember that it helps to shop around when buying sunglasses as prices can vary significantly and often buying sunglasses online is the best place for the lowest prices on official designer made sunglasses.



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