Alicia Keys is On Fire

Alicia Keys is back and she’s letting us know how she feels!  The title of her new album, “Girl on Fire” was the inspiration for her SEXY new photo.  Normally, Alicia has a very laid back style but today she’s letting us know that she’s a mom, married, and all the way “grown up!”

As we all know, sheer panels are the latest trend when selecting a little black dress. It’s the perfect combination of sophistication with a touch of vamp. Any fashionista can find a similiar design at a local retailer.

Take a look at Alicia Keys, not only wearing the latest trend, but looking stunning with slick back hair and a glamorous red lip.  Can we say, WOW!


  Alicia Keys new album Title




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The Universal French Braid

The French Braid is one of the hottest styles for summer.  I love this style because it’s universal for all hair types. Whether your hair is straight or textured, the French Braid is the perfect protective style for a busy girl that’s on the go!  And if you’re on pinterest, there’s so many creative styles when braiding your hair which makes it fun, trendy, and effortless.

To help us create the French Braid (at home) I have embedded a video from youtube that gives us one by one steps.  You will also find inspiration from SLF Pinterest Board titled Beauty and Hair.


Pinterest Board: Beauty and Hair Inspiration 












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Compliment Your Figure: Enhance Your Style

Over the past year I have taken a break from fashion blogging because I gave birth to my second son.  Since that time, I have managed to return back to my pre – preggers clothing with some hard work and dedication.

But aside from living a healthy lifestyle, one of the key elements for looking fantastic after any MAJOR life change is by complimenting your figure.  In simple terms, I have mastered how to create body illusions with lines, color, and texture.  

Prior to my blogging life, I was also a fashion merchandising teacher.  I have decided to share some information (used from a lesson plan) that can benefit any fashionista.

Enhance Your Style

{Alicia Keys wearing Vertical Lines}

1.  Vertical Lines make you look taller and thinner.

2.  Horizontal Lines make you look shorter and rounder.

3. Shiny Textures add weight; while smoother textures help you to look smaller {don’t forget to consider where this texture will be worn.}

4.  Clothing Accessories should be in proportion to the body.  Example, a petite woman should never carry a handbag that’s half her size! Never!

5.  Create rhythm with colors, trims, and designs that will help pull the eye to areas that are most attractive.

6.  Place emphasis on your BEST features!

Jennifer Lopez placing emphasis on her legs 

With those tips, you are guarenteed to be gorgeous for any occasion.