America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 11 Recap

“Celebrity Life” was the title of last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Season 23.  The contestants experienced Rita Ora’s life as a singer and actress.



Once the models arrived in New York, they were greeted by paparazzi and quickly learned that you have to be ready at any moment.  Rita critiqued the paparazzi photos; selecting the contestant that showed personality through their “Street Style” picture. Courtney was the winner of the challenge and received a vip adventure to Orlando Resort.

The second model challenge included shooting a cover photo for  Paper Magazine.  Drew Elliott gave the suggestion that, “When you’re on the cover of a magazine, you are shooting you!”  He also stated (during the challenge) that models must make eye contact with the camera.

Several of the pictures for the Paper Magazine challenge where amazing!  Tash was eliminated from the competition while Courtney proceeded to become America’s Next Top Model.

Next week, the contestants will learn acting skills.  Watch the full episode here:  Celebrity Life


America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 10 Recap

On Wednesday night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Season 23 the contestants participated (in both) a celebrity feminist initiative and emulated iconic women.

Model and Activist Amber Rose requested the girls to create a PSA for the “Slutwalk” Movement. Cast members where asked to develop a video that empowers women to have control over their sexuality.

In the second challenge, contestants emulated women that have influenced Pop Culture, Fashion, and Entertainment.  Cory Anne struggled to take on Beyonce’s persona and Paige was expected to become Brittany Spears.  The most difficult persona was Tatiana becoming Tyra Banks, founder of the show.


During elimination, the panelist expressed that several of the contestants were “too comfortable” and wasn’t pleased with the photo results.

Paige was eliminated from the contest and Rita Ora stated, “This is not the end of your career as a model.”  Watch the full episode here: Platform Power

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 9 Recap

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 changed from its normal weekly schedule, airing on Wednesday nights. The change gave viewers the opportunity to catch-up on the challenge and select their favorite contestant.

“The Comeback” episode started with a subtle twist.  Panelist arranged for eliminated contestants to return for a chance to win the competition.  The challenge included contestants learning a set of dance steps for a video with French Montana.

All of the contestants worked hard to master the moves resulting in Justine fainting.  She was rushed to the hospital.  Kyle also returned to the competition and served as a distraction to Marissa.

Unfortunately, Marissa did not successfully perform the dance steps or model the costume.

The episode concluded with Marissa being eliminated from the competition.  Tash returned due to the panelist believing she has what it takes to become a top model.

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 8 Recap

The Glamorous Life:  this week’s episode theme for Season 23 of America’s Next Top Model. Contestants were asked to present a live fashion show for designer Philipp Plein.  Cody and Marissa won the first challenge; giving a high fashion presentation.  As the winners, they selected an item from the designer’s exclusive boutique.

The second challenge included contestants modeling with singer Jason Derulo on a Private Jet. Cory Anne had a difficult time with the challenge and struggled to focus on creating a luxe life picture.  Courtney also shared a very personal moment with the other models staying in the house.

During elimination, the judges made a suggestion to Binta, “learn to click with yourself to take a good photo”.  Tatiana received best picture for episode 8 and Binta was eliminated from the competition. Next week, the models will create a music video!


Chris Grant, Beyonce’s choreographer paid a visit to America’s Next Top Model Season 23 contestants.  He taught them how to dance and pose like a model.  The movements came easier to some of the cast members while others struggled.

Tatiana won the dance challenge and became the new face for an upcoming campaign with Juicy Sport.  To build upon what they learned, the contestants were asked to use the same moves in a Gypsy Sport fashion video.


Marissa was short-tempered with Stacy Mckenzie and not very receptive to her assistance.  Her attitude was a reflection of negative model behavior.  Courtney also had an allergic reaction to the lipstick used during the challenge.



Marissa was short-tempered with Stacy Mckenzie and not receptive to her assistance.  Her attitude was a reflection of negative model behavior.  Courtney also had an allergic reaction to the lipstick.

During elimination, the panelist gave Marissa harsh feedback, reminding her that, “you’re only as good as your last job”.

To conclude the episode, panelist eliminated Kyle from the competition.  Click here to view:  X Marks The Spot

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 6 Recap

“Out for The Count” was the title for Episode 6 of America’s Next Top Model.  This week, Ashley Graham stopped by the house to chat and share a healthy recipe.

The model challenge required all contestants to bring their photos to life on a trampoline.

Featured Photo from ANTM Instagram

During the challenge, Ashley stated the most important technique was to show muscle tone for future sports campaigns.

Paige was the challenge winner and asked Tatiana to accompany her for a deep tissue muscle massage.

The second photo challenge involved Supermodel, Chanel Iman.  She encouraged the contestants; shooting photos with them for a strong face.

Episode 6 concluded with panelist eliminating Krislian.  Rita Ora expressed her growth as a model.



  1. new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.


This was the theme for Season 23, Ep 5 of America’s Next Top Model.  According to the show, “Law Roach drops in on the girls to discuss the importance of personal style. Celebrity designer Nicola Formichetti takes the models out of their comfort zones and into the world of avant-garde fashion.”

There was the usual drama between contestants from wardrobe critiquing to personality clashes. Kyle, Giah, and Krislian struggled during the competition; wearing an uncomfortable costume (platform heels.)

Photos are via IG @america_ntm

Giah was asked to leave the competition due to her photos.  Panelist encouraged her to continue pursuing her dreams!

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 4 Recap

“Brand yourself and be self-made” was the most profound statement during last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model.

Cast members were asked to create a Snapchat message based upon tips from DJ Khaled.  This was a fun challenge allowing contestants to wear lingerie (in the street) and engage with their social media audience.

Conflict emerged between Binta and Courtney while creating their message. Courtney won the challenge; resulting in a surge of resentment from Binta.

The last photo challenge (during this episode) required contestants to attend a party hosted by Paper Magazine and tell a photo story.

Krislian shocked the judges with her editorial photos, stepping out of her comfort zone. There was also a visit from Jasmine Sanders, Instagram Socialite from @golden_barbie

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 3 Recap

Last night on America’s Next Top Model the contestants received their signature makeovers.  Cast members were encouraged to be comfortable with their bodies; participating in a nude photo shoot with renown photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.



Everyone did not have the same level of enthusiasm while others embraced their new hair change. According to the panelist, Courtney, Tash, and Paige had the best model makeovers.

Cherish was uncomfortable with the challenge; refusing to dye her hair.  She was eliminated due to the awkwardness of her challenge photos.

Next week contestants will learn “key steps” to social media branding from DJ Khaled and Jasmine Sanders.

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 1 Recap

America’s Next Top Model returned for a new season in New York City.  Rita Ora served as the host for this season’s challenge along with co-hosts Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott, and Law Roach.

After years of being a fan of the series, I was excited to see a new panel. Each panelist provided guidance and mentorship to the contestants.  ANTM Hosts also shared expectations of each model along with insight into the fashion industry.

ANTM Recap:

Last night’s episode was an introduction of each contestant; sharing their background and taking photos for the first challenge.

I enjoyed the selection process and uniqueness of each contestant. There was also a range of (beauty) diversity from natural hair, full eyebrows, and a set twins.

The selection process was not based on being a pretty face but the ability to become a fashion brand.  What does that mean? Contestants should exemplify the concept of having beauty and brains!

To watch full episodes, click here:  Business, Brand, and Boss