5 Tips For Buying Shoes That Is Good For Your Health

Having the correct shoes is a good investment for good health. It is, however, traumatic to find shoes that are comfortable, stylish and at the same time good for your health. Shoes should also offer adequate support.

Let’s first test comfortability. Start with your feet. Stand on cardboard and trace the shape on your feet. Take out all the shoes in the closet and try to fit them in the traced drawing of your feet. You realize that the shoes that fit in the trace are the one you like and the most comfortable. The appropriate foot gear is vital for your feet, at footgearlab , you’ll know all the things you need to know about your feet’s health.

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If you have identified the uncomfortable or shoes that cause pain and you intend to replace them, here are tips that will come in handy:

  • Shop in the afternoon. This might seem odd but it essential, in the afternoon your feet expand. This is due to the swelling caused by hot weather.
  • If you intend in wearing socks with the shoes you are going to buy, wear the same type of socks you will wear with the shoes. This will help get the appropriate size.

Allow the sales attendant to measure both of your feet, ensure that every time you buy new shoes, you get measured. If one foot is wide or larger than the other foot, buy a shoe size of the large or wide foot.

  • Stand in the shoes for at least two minutes, you can even move a bit in them. This will to ensure that you don’t feel pain anywhere or you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way. Also, ensure you have a quarter to a half-inch space between the longest toe and the shoes.
  • Trust your comfort than the shoe size or description. Sizes vary, different manufacturers have different sizing. Don’t let advertisements corrupt your judgment, testing the shoes yourself than assuming that what is you see is what you will get.
  • Feel inside the shoes. The inside of a shoe might irritate you, its tag, the inner fabric of the shoe, or other added designs. Feel inside for any of this irritation, they might even cause blisters if you aren’t keen enough.
  • Examine the sole. Turn over the shoe to check out the bottom. Is it sturdy enough? Is it safe, in case pins and nails are on the ground? Will it wear out quickly? Does it provide cushioning? What about friction? Does the sole cushion against impact? Walk in the shoes to feel the sole, walk on the carpet and the tiles to see how it feels.

Follow this steps, and you will be surprised how you have been feeling comfortable and relaxed lately. You will not make a mistake of getting the wrong footwear, this will also decrease the chances of getting foot diseases and foot swelling problems. For more information about foot health, footgearlab is here for you!

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Get the Look Style Breakdown: Dyson Supersonic and Alexander Wang

On Sunday, June 3, Guido Palau styled top models, including Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid, at Alexander Wang‘s fashion show using the Dyson Supersonic.

Downtown Americana

Start with clean hair and a messy middle part

Next, dry hair using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to flatten any volume and remove frizz. Take a large section of hair and dry the ends first. Do this section by section around the head.

To keep the roots lying flat, blow dry them a bit more while keeping the middle portion of the hair more natural.
Use the medium setting of air flow, which has enough power to get the hair super shiny and create texture without making hair too straight or flat.
Apply Redken No Blow Dry cream, starting at the bottom of the hair so the ends will be smooth while the hair still looks natural. Next, apply NBD Cream to the roots and take it all the way through.
Spray Shine Flash 02 section by section starting from the bottom and working to the top.
When using the products, make sure they are even all around the head to achieve the natural look.Use the Dyson Supersonic and a brush at the end of the hair to get the ends really straight and spiky for texture.

Most of the girls will have an Alexander Wang headband to finish the look and give them the desired Americana look.

Some of the models will have braids, which are personalized and inspired by the show, incorporated into their final look.

For these looks, use the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to blow dry hair and get it super smooth before it is braided.

Since the look itself is really tight, using the Supersonic gets hair dry and smooth without overheating it.

CFDA Awards 2017: Top Looks for Red Carpet

The CFDA Awards is an opportunity to showcase talented fashion designers for their global influence. It is often titled the “Oscars” of fashion and members of the council are invited to attend an annual gala in New York City.

Celebrities are (also) extended an invitation to walk the red carpet.  The star-studded event presented several high fashion looks that were seen on Bella Hadid, Lupita Nyongo, and Karlie Kloss.

Take a look at the red carpet looks below: