Lifestyle Alert: 8 Back to School Strategies and oNecklace Bead Bracelet

Life has been pretty busy but this is one of my absolute favorite seasons.  Fall is filled with pumpkins, football games, and trick or treating.

One aspect that has changed due to COVID-19 is the kids attending school.  Every family has made individual choices based on their household.  The similarity amongst everyone is the ability to adjust due to the circumstances.

I have implemented a few strategies to keep everyone’s sanity and wanted to share them below.

Back to School/Virtual Learning Strategies:

1.  Set-up a digital learning space with individual crates for each child.  Crates should be labeled.


2.  Create a school binder with all of the teacher information and print schedules.


3.  Know the log-in information for each child.


4.  Create a daily schedule and put it on a whiteboard.


5. Put snacks in a basket for individual grabbing.


6. Create a lunch schedule according to in-school lunches.


7.  Have a Chromebook/computer tutorial with each child to foster independence.


8.  Set alarms in a child’s cellphone for them to join Google Meets.


If there’s no homework, kids can do afternoon art projects or go outside!


Also, don’t forget that companies like Target, Publix, and Amazon are offering delivery services for various products!


oNecklace Circle Initial Bead Bracelet:

I adore a beautiful bracelet.  It’s a simple touch of sparkle that can pull an entire outfit together!

oNecklace shipped an Initial Bead Bracelet that was perfect for my current jewelry collection.  The company allowed me to personalize this particular piece and of course, I added the letter K.

This bracelet is high-quality and coordinated well with my cardigan, camisole, and high waisted jeans.

oNecklace Initial Bead Bracelet

Just like the style bloggers would say, “The bracelet is stackable.”  That means combining several bracelets of varying styles for one accessorized look.

oNecklace Bead Bracelet

Visit oNecklace to purchase a one-of-a-kind, personalized bracelet.  It’s the perfect gift idea as we celebrate the holiday season!






oNecklace Children and Birthstone Bracelet: Heirloom Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s the perfect time to celebrate all of the special moms in my life.  I like to consider not only my mom but friends and neighbors as well.

Selecting the right gift often depends on the individual.  Some women are fitness gurus while others are beauty enthusiast.  For me, I enjoy sentimental, heartwarming gifts that reflect my journey during motherhood.

I have active little boys and definitely a hands-on parent.  My days are filled with Lego bricks, Martial Arts, and afternoon snacks; all engulfed with endless hugs and kisses.

The Children and Birthstone Charm Bracelet was a great addition to my jewelry collection.  It allows me to keep a small token of my kids next to me.

This particular oNecklace bracelet represents the birth and month of each child.  I selected the Topaz and Zircon birthstone.  Due to the bangle, it stacks easily with my additional bracelets.  I wanted to wear it with a coordinating blue dress to play off the bracelet stones.

To purchase a Children and Birthstone Charm Bracelet for the mom in your life, visit oNecklace Personalized Jewelry.  This bracelet is now an heirloom piece and will be worn for years to come!

Dress:  Cocolove Sleeveless Maxi Dress | Shoes:  ASOS Strappy Pointed Sandals

Double Circle Channel Bracelet: Elegant Jewelry Piece

There’s a process in mind before I select a piece of jewelry.  I like to access my wardrobe and take into consideration the items I already own.  A few simple questions I always ask myself include, “will this make a complete set and how will I style this item for an upcoming event?”  

One piece of jewelry that my collection did not have was an elegant tennis bracelet.  I typically like to wear classic pieces that will accent a pair of studs or hoops.  I wanted a tennis bracelet that had clarity with a well made clasp.  

Bracelets are one of my favorite accessories because it’s small in size and can be layered with more than one piece.  Anjolee shipped a beautiful Double Circle Channel Bracelet.  The band arrived in a secured wooden box, which is great for storage.  I was pleased with the bracelet because it was the right length for my wrist and the diamond cut was round.  

One important fact about Anjolee is that the company specializes in hand crafted diamond bracelet designs with precious metals and gemstones.  This makes their jewelry affordable with the use of state of the art technology.  

Lace Blouse:  Express | Lipstick:  Anastasia Beverly Hills | Watch:  Michael Kors | Diamond Bracelet: Anjolee

I wore the Double Circle Channel Bracelet to my son’s preschool graduation.  It was elegant and layered nicely with my watch and charm bracelet.  

To purchase and learn more click here: Anjolee Diamond Bracelets

Charlotte Le Bon Wears ALEX AND ANI Bracelet

Charlotte Le Bon wore ALEX AND ANI at the New York Screening of ‘The Promise’ at The Paris Theatre last night in New York City.

You can shop the exact style on



The bracelet was made in partnership with The Promise, a film set during the final years of the Ottoman Empire that is bringing light to the events that took place during the Armenian Genocide. A promise is a commitment to make something happen by any means. It is your word – bonding you to something greater than yourself. When a promise is upheld, it defines who you are within. This bracelet is a promise to the Armenian people, honoring a history of resilience and a culture that embodies the unstoppable power of the human spirit.

Alex and Ani’s Founder, Carolyn Rafaelian, is an American of Armenian descent, and this holds special meaning for her. Carolyn’s grandfather arrived in the United States in 1913, but his entire family was killed during this tragic time.

Please help us in spreading this message of commitment! 20% from each bracelet sold will benefit humanitarian efforts.

Noteworthy celebrities who have been seen wearing the bracelets include: Chris Cornell, Orlando Bloom, Nina Dobrev, and Christine Evangelista, among others. Kim Kardashian posted it on Snapchat prior to the Los Angeles screening.

WHO: Charlotte Le Bon

WHAT: Charlotte Le Bon attends the New York Screening of ‘The Promise’ at The Paris Theatre on April 18, 2017 in New York City.

WHERE: New York City

WHEN:  April 18, 2017


STYLE CREDIT: ALEX AND ANI “#KeepThePromise” bracelet

Inspired Luxe – Handcrafted Chic Pieces

image004 Inspired Luxe 1 Inspired Luxe 2 Inspired Luxe 4 Inspired Luxe 5

This season, the handcrafted pieces from, an e-commerce site that houses sustainable and one-of-a-kind jewelry from artisans throughout the globe, brings you a collection of statement pieces that will be the perfect touch for an effortlessly chic summer look.

Utilizing exotic stones, beads, rocks, leather, metals, along with other materials (many repurposed)— the collections offer a unique twist on the modern bohemian trend. By adding these eccentric pieces to anyone’s wardrobe, it will be easy to create a sense of relaxed luxury.


TACORI’s Promise Bracelet: Special Gift for Mother’s Day

TACORI’s Promise Bracelet is a collaborative design between legendary jewelry house, TACORI and, blogger superstar, Wendy Nguyen of “Wendy’s Lookbook.

The bracelet, which features an innovative lock and key closure, is heavily influenced on the idea of a promise, whether between your significant other, friends, colleagues, a promise you make with yourself or, in this case, a promise that you make to your family or mother that will essentially last forever.

Whitney Port and Shay Mitchell
Celebrities Wearing Tacori Bracelet
StyleWatch Beyonce
Tacori Bracelet from Jay Z

Celebrities like designer Whitney Port, actress Shay Mitchell and, the most stylish mom out there, Beyoncé has been sporting the bracelet. Available in various metals with price ranging from $690 to $5,990;

[youtube height=”480″ width=”853″][/youtube]